Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit

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This web site is about singer, song-writer and guitar player, Elaine Samuels, who gigs solo and with her Kindred Spirit musicians in mostly duo and five - piece band line ups. Elaine has been performing her own songs in clubs, at festivals and even on television since the early 1990s. She progressed from playing solo to other line-ups and her electrifying prog folk rock band shows the fullest expression of her own, powerful material; with her own "haunting and beautiful" vocals and rhythm guitar and - from the other band members - harmonies, awesome electric violin, flute and saxophone playing and driving bass and drums.

Elaine is a very versatile performer and person. As a performer, she also plays well known, favourite songs in pubs and care homes and is known for her chatty, friendly personality. She also runs and is involved with events and special projects and features (See the adjacent icon links on this page). Her late father, Desmond Jones, was a fabulous artist and she has arranged a special art auction event for his work (see the links).




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