Next one November 21st 2021


At the Cross Lances Open Mic, performers of all styles can expect a welcome as well as professional sound and lighting.

All we ask is that everyone coming purchases a drink or two from the bar, to ensure that these community, live music nights will continue. If you will only want to drink tap water because you are driving and singing or you can't afford it (which is perfectly understandable) how about giving a lift to a friend who might be looking for someone to drive them because they'd like to drink some alcoholic drinks? ;) This would be a win all round! Your local needs your support!



Thai Kitchen


iIf you would like to enjoy a delicious Thai meal on the open mic night, the Tadpum Thai Kitchen will deliver lovely meals directly to your table. Ask at the bar and find out more about their food and service from their web site https://www.tuptim.co.uk/





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