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       Desmond Jones
     4th February 1928 - 28th May 2013




Desmond was a highly creative and artistically talented man who devoted his entire life to art, beginning his career with an excellent foundation in a wide range of subjects over the period of 3 years at Twickenham Art School, Egerton Rd., Twickenham (now known as "Richmond Upon Thames College" [RUTC] and still noted for a strong emphasis and excellence in art and photography). Des (as he liked to be known by friends as well as colleagues) began his training during the years of the second world war, in 1943, so the classes were punctuated by air raids and the local streets saw the influx of war machinery like tanks and soldiers.

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Des' professional art career began in 1946 in the associated fields of graphic art and photography. Des was known for his innovative ideas, artistic skill in all media, including the creation of 3D models from all kinds of materials and ability to motivate others and make things happen. It was unsurprising that he eventually started his own company in the 60s, called "Admin Publicity" and later "DJ Publicity", with the offices moving to Shepperton Studios for a time, in buildings leased by the Who Group.

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Des was passionate about art and photography all his life, not just for providing income for himself and his family. He painted fine art pieces throughout his life and built a dark room in both his houses (in Ashford, Middlesex); so that he could develop his own photographs.


Des painted works in oils mainly, which have been inspired by his hobbies (sailing, dancing, walking and driving), his family, impressive land and sea scapes (where he often painted or sketched on location) and from literature.

His oil paintings in particular are notable for their vibrant colours and innovative impressionism. For example his "Dancer" series creates the sense of wild emotion, movement and the almost joining of the two dance partners into one!

After retiring in 1994, Des went to life drawing classes so that he would have sitters who would allow him to draw the human form (since his family were not patient enough to sit for him). Many of these had to be completed in a very short time, which helps the artist to draw on what is the essense of the human form and how to express this on paper.

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