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Why is this auction so extraordinary?

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About Charlie Ross

Ways To Bid

Lots (Table & Auction Catalogue)

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Ways To Bid


Registering to bid is fairly simple:-

1. If you are going to bid in person
Firstly you will need to buy a ticket to the auction event (£3 on door) and then you need only take a bidding card with a unique number on it (available at the
venue), which you use to bid by holding it up. It will be your reference for the form you need to fill in, should you place a winning bid.



2. If you cannot be present on the day of the auction, you can still bid by filling in and returning a "Commission Bid" form (and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf, up to your specified limit).

Download a Commission Bid Form PDF

Either email filled in form or email for a postal address to:-


Commission Bid Form deadline will be Thursday June 8th

Commission Bid Delivery Charges
If you are not collecting your artwork from the artist's daughter, in the Twickenham area, within the 7 days following the auction, and you require shipping of your artwork, there will be delivery charges to pay on top of the cost of the artwork. These will depend on the weight of your piece and the destination. See some delivery cost examples below but you will be informed of the actual charge you would incur when your Commission Bid Form is received.

Typical delivery costs for smallest / largest artwork:-

Minimum size to Europe = £17.00
Max size to Europe = £77.00
Minimum size to USA = £23.00
Max size to USA = £137.00




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Auction Lot Table


Auction Catalogue

(Click on the page thumbnails below for expanded PDF view)


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Paying For Your Artwork


There are 4 main ways to pay for your artwork:-

cash,  cheque  or  card (unless you have an app on your phone by which you can do a bank transfer, which would also be acceptable).

Paying by Card

Gives a little extra payment security and can be used via your own phone app or an on line form on our "payment lap top" on the                            night, which will incur a 3.5% charge on top of the purchase cost of your art.

                     Card Reader
                     We have arranged to also provide a card reader, which will incur a 2.75% charge on top of the purchase cost of your art.

After winning a piece of artwork, hold up your bidding card so that your number can be noted down and a member of staff can find you and bring you the required paperwork to fill in. If you think you might like to bid on another work, keep hold of your paperwork until you have finished all bidding.

Once you have finished all bidding and your paperwork is filled in (there will be some pens in the administration area - see the picture) you can proceed to the checkout desk, pay for your item and be shown your collection point.



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Why is this auction so extraordinary?

Desmond Jones was a highly talented artist, skilled (through his excellent training at Twickenham Art School) at distilling his visions rapidly onto the canvas in a burst of colour, which make his oil and acrylic paintings extremely vibrant and attractive. His work was celebrated in February 2016 with the presentation of a piece to Richmond Upon Thames College, where a few of his works were also displayed and impressed the local Art presidents and dignitaries who attended the event.

All of the remaining, available, Desmond Jones artworks are to be auctioned at a special event on June 9th 2017, with a pre-auction "once in a lifetime" exhibition at Orleans House, Twickenham (facilitated by Richmond Council's Arts Department). Thirty-nine, worthy charities (local to Richmond or with a personal connection to the artist; see the ones taking part on the right hand column of the art catalogue or Lot Table) have chosen a painting from which to receive 50% of the money raised from its sale at the auction. This is unprecedented and extraordinary in itself!


The amount of money the art works will realise at the auction is a complete unknown, as none of them have previously been sold at a public auction (being private commissions, arranged during Desmond's lifetime), which is going to make the auction incredibly exciting and there will be no reserve on the lots - so everyone can bid! What I can tell you, however, is that the art going to auction is attracting a great deal of attention and admiration and are showing themselves to be highly desirable. For example, Vince Cable's favourite painting is "Sacrifice" (cat no 8), our celebrity auctioneer and antiques expert, Charlie Ross' favourite painting is "Venice" (cat no 1), Zac Goldsmith described the forthcoming events as "Fantastic" in a recent tweet and Richmond Upon Thames Mayor, David Linnette, enquired about buying one at a gathering I attended for the "Richmond Good Neighbours" charity, in January! Have a look at them for yourself, via this web site.

The famous, highly charismatic and exuberant Charlie Ross, who you may have seen on BBC television's "Bargain Hunt" and "Antiques Road Trip" will be auctioning the artwork at this event, which will be lots of fun! Charlie is highly extravert, enthusiastic and charming and is sure to put on a good show. We hope to provide him with a roving microphone - so he could even come around to your table at the auction! (Check out Charlie's Show reel by clicking on the link above to see what I mean - he runs around enthusiastically near the end)!

Richmond Upon Thames College's large Sports Hall has been chosen for this auction, as interest in it is growing rapidly!


 A  - Administration area - registration, information and check out

 B  - Bar area, in the lobby, in front of the Sports Hall

 S  - Stage position, where Charlie will be conducting the auction from


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Charlie Ross


Having run his own auction house in Woburn, England for 25 years Charlie Ross has spent the last 12 years travelling the world conducting many high profile and high value auctions. See his Showreel below!

He is the resident auctioneer for Gooding and Company, the leading American vintage automobile auctioneers, who now hold annual sales in Pebble Beach (California) Scottsdale (Arizona) and Amelia Island (Florida). This Augustís Pebble Beach auction totalled in excess of $130 million with a Ferrari California Spider making$18.2 million Ė the most expensive lot Charlie has ever sold.

He is also resident auctioneer for MacDougalls, the Russian Fine Art Auction House who hold 2 multi-million pound auctions every year in Central London.

The last two years have seen him conduct auctions in South Africa, Australia, India, France and Belgium, as well as his numerous auctions in the UK.

His well-known charity auctions have raised many millions of pounds for a large number of charities including the Sir Elton John Aids Foundation, UNICEF, NSPCC, Gt Ormond Street, CLIC Sargent and the Shane Warne Foundation.

Charlie is regularly seen on a number of BBC television programmes including the Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (his favourite episode was filming with the ex- Bond girls, Honor Blackman and Britt Ekland) Flog It!, For What Itís Worth and Bargain Hunt for which he has recently been appointed as one of four presenters.

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