Desmond Jones - Professional Career

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1943 - 1945





Awarded Senior Art Scholarship, Twickenham School of Art (now Richmond College).

Des studied fine art, life drawing, design, commercial art (with an emphasis on working to briefs), point of sale, packaging, photography, lithography, printing, plate making, metal work and archtectural model making. This course had a very good reputation for its high standards and quality of teaching.

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1945 - 1949





John Mitchell and Partners Ltd, Advertising Agents

Des commenced work on the creative side, working on layouts, visuals, type-lay, adapts, fine art and more. During this time he also studied photography at Regent Street Polytechnic, extending his skills in creative photography and was subsequently asked by the company directors to form a photographic department within the agency, which he managed for two years, being responsible for client contact and production of creative photography for advertising.


1949 - 1950



Studio Film Laboratories - Cinematography

Des studied film title techniques, working on cells, backgrounds, fades, wipes etc.


1950 - 1954




Golderstat Ltd - Artists, Photographers, and Lithographic Printers

Des joined this company on the creative side in photography and design. He was promoted to being the manager responsible for the production of print showcards, evolved techniques (especially for miniature litho artwork), negative work, special stripping and direct work on plates etc (from design and copy) and photography process work for printing letterpress and litho.


1954 - 1959





Fine Arts Engravers - Artists, Photographer Engravers and Printers

Here, Des was accepted as a "Journeyman" by SLADE, studying blockmaking techniques. and was promoted to "Studio Manager". Apart from designing for print and point of sale, Des made client contact on any problems and advised artists and designers on artwork techniques for colour separation, retouching for colour reproduction etc. He executed designs for such clients as Sunbeam Electric, Sharpes Toffees, Kolster Brandes, Berry's Fires, John Lewis, Demuth Perfumes, Dennis Motors, Drummond lathes etc. and executed store advertising for Barkers, Chiesmans, John Lewis etc.


1959  - 1967



Austin Knight - Advertising Agency

Des was employed here to work on photography and creating artwork for advertising. Des' creative and leadership skills enabled him to progress to "Creative Director".


1967 - 1981





Admin Publicity

Des formed his own company. He secured a partner (and joint director), David Chadwick, to allow him to have time with his family as well as running his own business. As well as managing the business, Des pretty much did everything for his clients; the concepts, designs, finished artwork, copy and photography. Des was also extremely good with tools and working with all kinds of materials, from wood and metal, through to plastics and he scratch built many complete exhibition stands. His main clients at this time were Sperry Gyroscope, Sperry Marine, GEC traffic Automation and Wright Machinery.


1981 - 1994







DJ Publicity

Striking out on his own, once his children were adult, Des formed his own company, "DJ Publicity", with clients from Admin Publicity, who favoured Des' work over his partner's. At this time, "Sperry" was taken over by "British Aerospace".

Des initial moved into Shepperton Studios, in offices rented out by The Who Group
and were invited to some interesting parties! Later they moved to premises in East Molesey.

Below are two creative photographs Des took to show the scale of several components. These photographs were marvelled at, at the time with people asking how he managed to get the insects to land on the components!


1981 - 2012



Intramex was formed around the same time as "DJ Publicity" and was created to look after work with the Mexican and other international markets.