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You can buy a Desmond Jones original , if it remains "unsold" but if you wanted to spend a little less, you will soon be able to contact us via email to order a print, with or without a frame, or a set of six beautiful, high quality, Desmond Jones Place Mats or Coasters (see the photograph of the set of place mats below).


Buy a Print
The prints are all laminated and can either be purchased simply like that, or laminated and mounted on foam board or laminated and mounted on a foam board with a frame. Prices for obtaining prints will be coming soon.

To buy a print, select the artwork 
catalogue number, choose a print size (A3, A2, A1 for example) and specify "not mounted", "mounted", "framed" or "unframed".

For example for a framed Magpies print, size A2, email us with the order:-
Print, Cat No 11, A2, framed


Buy a Set of Six Place Mats or Coasters
To buy a set of six place mats or coasters, simply state the number of sets and whether you want "Place Mats" or "Coasters".

The Place Mats and Coasters all feature the following 6 Desmond Jones artwork images:-

            Magpies - Catalogue Number 11

                Venice - Catalogue Number 1

         Orange Dancer - Catalogue Number 15

              Eclipse - Catalogue Number 10

      Des Self With Wine - Catalogue Number 26

   The Exhibition (part image) - Catalogue Number 42



About the Product Manufacturer

The prints, coasters, placemats and framing are being hand manufactured by super wildlife photographer, Peter Mallett, based in Norfolk. He produces placemats, coasters and prints of his wonderful, wildlife photos and you can see his photos and examples of the products he makes from his web site,