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Siren - Poem to the painting, Desmond Jones 11/07/2011

Bright dawns the day -
sure winds blow fair, to distant Ithica
Righty willingly all hands set to
Heave up the anchor, we're on our way

Thundering canvas strains in that diamond stinging spray
We leap from wave to wave over that brilliant sea
We're on our way, we're on our way,
We're on our way!

The sea lays down before us as we skelter across its mighty deep
The crew works with a will, satisfaction in knowing their dkills.

Time races us through the endless sea
Blue skies, scudding clouds, while us on our way
Perfection in our element

Faint, yet certain, an unfamiliar happening on the horizon looms
Inexorably though we strive to skirt its cold embrace
No turn of helm or trim of sail will save us past

Uneasily we see disasters phantoming in the mist
All eyes strain, nerves taught for safe navigation

Alarm! Alarm! Suddenly in brilliant clarity a hostile shore o'erwhelms us

Lulling sound hypnotic to ears o'ercomes our deep anxiety
Helplessly we founder through the raging surf

Amazed we see fair maidens encouraging us through the foam
Abandoning our charge to its fate on that accursed shore

There seated on that rock strewn beach
A wondrous maiden beckons me to her with cunning artifice

Too late, I see eternity reflected in her eyes
I'm caught in the web of the siren's fatal embrace, all is past

All around me shipmates pay the ultimate price,
The perils of the sea to a seaman's life.


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