Elaine - Graphic Design

The Artist

Elaine began purly as an artist working in watercolour and acrylic media but then went on to computer art, working with photoshop. You can see some of her artwork on her Deviant Art site.

Elaine has been designing posters, web banners, album covers and logos since the 90s and in the early 2000s began using In Design and Photoshop to get a really professional looking job.

Elaine is not only experienced with poster, web banner, album cover and logo design and production but also has a highly creative ability and psychological awareness, which enable her to think up some unique and eye catching imagery with which to capture the attention of the passer by. Her father had his own design and publicity company, which she grew up with; so its definitely "in the blood"!



Elaine will charge you (nominally) 50 for the concept creation and 100 for the full design of your poster (subject to review / discussion and depending on the complexity of the job).






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See her poster, web banner, album cover and logo designs below:-






Web Banners



Album Covers

Steve Hutchinson's Album - Seven Steps Back - 2014

Elaine took the cover art and photos (produced by others) and created the design of the cover according to a digipack template


Elaine's Metamorphosis Album

Elaine painted the original acrylic, front cover art work and produced the album design herself. Here is just the front cover - but she designed the inside cover and tray too, along with her other albums (see her albums page for more of her album covers).




Elaine's Kindred Spirit Band Logo

The "Kindred Spirit" logo is quite cosmic in its meaning; The woven pentangle inside the circle represents the five band members, who are linked together in the band and exist in the earthly domain, while the blue, smoky flames, which form a "K" and an "S" for "Kindred Spirit" represent the spiritual element (sometimes considered the fifth element) of music, which is reaching beyond the circle (representing the earthly domain)!


Elaine's Support Your Local Campaign Logo

The "Support Your Local" logo illustrates how musicians can help their local pubs to survive economically.

See the Support Your Local page for more information about the campaign.