Kindred Spirit Band - Emily Nash

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Emily Nash joined Kindred Spirit in 2016. She is a super flute player, singer / song-writer and multi-instrumentalist. Here is what she says about herself:-

"I've played flute since age 8, obtaining distinction at grade 8 and have played in numerous orchestras through the years including as lead flautist in both the Surrey Youth Orchestra and Nottingham University Symphony orchestra. I've performed in the Royal Albert Hall several times with both the SCYO and SCYWO and have been on several tours abroad.

Since leaving university, I've worked as a freelance musician, performing, recording and selling my own songs for which I use flute as a supporting instrument alongside piano and guitar. I've played the flute with bands including 'Astrea and the Elements' (for which I also played the keyboard) and 'Them the Sky' performing in Brighton and Guildford, developing my skills in improvisation and backing vocals. I love classical music, as well as jazz, pop, and folk, all of which influence the way I play the flute and indeed the piano in my own music and with other bands. I'm experienced in singing, mainly with my own songs, but have also sung in musical theatre and most recently as a soloist with the Vivace Choir. I really look forward to working with 'Kindred Spirit.'"