Evolution of the Phoenix
The Cover Artwork for the new "Phoenix Rising" Album


Concept Artist

A wonderful artist and photographer has become available to work on this project. The concept art for the Phoenix itself - as well as the design for the front, inside and rear covers of the CD have begun (see below).


What Does a Phoenix look like?

Some initial sketches were made for the Phoenix head looking at  ideas from various real birds.


An Eagle or Golden Pheasant?


A Cormorant?


Rough Head Concepts

Five initial head concepts were created after discussions to show different features; eyes, beaks, crests, feathers etc.



Head Concepts

The Five initial head concepts were discussed and five more head concepts using the most liked things from the rough concepts were drawn.



Here (below) is a traditional colour concept of the head and neck which is still in progress. The crest is going to be golden and the neck is going to be orange tones.




Concept Artwork for the Cover


Here (below) is the initial concept artwork for the front and back of the CD.


Here (below) is the initial concept artwork for the inside of the CD.



Next Steps


The next steps are putting the image on photoshop, completing the full colour front, back and inside artwork and images for the booklet.


The progress of the artwork will be put up as it comes together for your interest!