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The time is nearly upon us where it will be too late to reverse the damage we are doing to the environment with our modern way of living. There is a tipping point coming (expected to be 2015!) after which we will be unable to prevent the climate from getting worse!

No exaggeration, our actual *survival* is at risk -- this is a fight to save the world!

I hope, through this site, to help spread the message that, at the moment, it is not too late to reverse the adverse changes to the climate. I hope to inspire you to believe that if we all make some simple changes to the way we live right away - we could save ourselves and the other life forms we share the Earth with! Our political leaders cannot be trusted to act for the good of the people (or planet) rather than for the good of personal money and power. We shouldn't rely on them solving this problem. We need to use "combined people power" to pull together and drive the economy towards greener, global manufacturing practices. I think its our best hope! It doesn't matter either who or what caused the rising global temperature (though we are definitely to blame for a large proportion). Its happening and it will kill us! We need to stop focussing on who or what to blame and start focussing on ways to stop the situation from further deterioration!


Please take a look at this site and take action - before it is too late...
(the site is still growing and should become increasingly more useful as a resource)


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