The most important thing to begin with is to realise this is happening right now and then:-


  -  Start to change the way you live

  -  Tell as many people as you can about it

   -  See the suggestions below the images and video...


September 21st 2014 - Global Day of Action
(images from around the world)

A global "wake up" day of action happened on September 21st 2014.
You can still (if you haven't already)

Sign an important petition

and in Salisbury (where I was) - See more of my photos


World wide, over half a million people - the largest climate protest ever - stood up and protested to show they want our world leaders to take action on climate change now - just before the UN meeting on climate change on 22nd September


There were 675,000+ at the protests world wide, largely unconfirmed due to the fact that no one could count! But the NY protest filled 80 street blocks,2000 different communities, hundreds of charitable organisations, 2,800+ individual events and was 6x larger than the previous march a few years before! It was absolutely incredible, here's the details on what they said plus a link through to the main page about it and all the photos for the events:


Message from the organisers

Months ago, our community decided on a crazy goal - the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. Yesterday, we blew past our wildest expectations, with a climate march *6 times* the size of anything before it!!! This was 80 city blocks of New York:

Over 675,000 of us marched around the world. It was a beautiful expression of our love for all that climate change threatens, and our hope that we can save this world and build a society powered by 100% safe, clean energy. Click to see :-

more pictures from the day

Together, we made history, but it's just the beginning. The crucial Paris climate summit is 15 months from now -- that's where we need a global deal. By March next year, countries have pledged to make their national commitments -- so our movement will divide to focus on these national targets. But every few months until Paris we'll come together globally again and again, bigger and bigger, to beat a drum for change, for 100% clean energy, that our leaders can only follow. The movement we've been waiting for has begun. 

With gratitude,

Ricken, Emma, Alice, Iain, Nataliya, Patri, Oliver, Diego, Rewan and the whole Avaaz team.


See the main page here:




















Climate March In Salisbury (by Neil Bedford)



The (eagerly anticipated) "Rubbish Video"
Featuring Elaine Samuels and Judith Arkell (by Clive Turner)


Click here for more information about rubbish

What can we do?


Change the way we live:-


1.    The people who control our lives have power due to their position and status through money HOWEVER money in our richer societies, which is where our way of life is so bad for the planet, is generated via our economic system, which in turn depends on people power - you and me. What we choose to buy can drive change to promote more sustainable industries.


2.     We need to be aware of the energy we are using from fossil fuels and to reduce it.



Make a start:-

(try some - or all - of these - more information is coming)


1. Conserve fossil fuel energy - only boil what you need



2. Conserve fossil fuel energy - insulate


3. Conserve fossil fuel energy - switch off electricity


4. Conserve fossil fuel energy and reduce pollution - use cars and planes less  


5. Buy local / eco friendly / organic - reduce food miles and improve habitats


6. Study the environmental issues


7. Help creatures thrive in your garden


8. Reduce the amount of rubbish you throw away

9. Tell your friends


And don't forget to "Vote for Bob"!

(click on the image):-



Eco Directory

Have a look at the Eco Directory, which is promoting services and goods which are environmentally friendly.

Please contact me ( if you would like something to be included in this directory. I want it to grow to inspire and be helpful to us all.




Help In More Depth


Find Out Where You Stand

You need to find out what you can do to reduce energy loss in your home.  Every home is different; some will have solid walls and some cavity for example. There will be ways  your home could be enhanced to reduce energy loss and this will require an assessment.  To get help with finding out where you stand see the "Get Help" section below. The government is committed to help reduce the energy loss in homes with an initiative called "The Energy Companies Obligation" (see more below), which could (if your situation and home type apply) provide you with a grant of money towards enhancements to your home to reduce energy loss.  Another initiative which can be used to help you fund enhancements to your home is called the "Green Deal".  This is a special kind of loan (see more about it below).


The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)

The Government has placed an obligation on the big six energy companies to set aside a stipulated sum of money each year to improve the energy efficiency of homes. This funding is called the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). Its aim is to help residents reduce their energy costs.  An energy efficient home requires less energy to heat, reaches the temperature required in a shorter time, and benefits from improved heat retention.

Residents who own or privately rent their homes and who live in a particular type of home or are in receipt of certain benefits may be eligible for ECO funding. These funds can be used to provide FREE or highly subsidised energy efficiency improvements such as: cavity wall insulation, loft insulation or solid wall insulation (internal and external).


The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a new way to pay for energy-saving home improvements. You can take out Green Deal finance to pay for measures such as loft, cavity or solid wall insulation, double glazing, a new boiler or even a 'micro-generation' system such as solar panels. The loan is repaid through savings made on your electricity bills, therefore your bills shouldn't be any higher than usual. Once the loan is paid off you can take full advantage of the energy savings.


Get Help

This link shows an initiative to help people reduce their carbon footprint in Richmond Borough. Richmond Borough uses a company called "Climate Energy" to provide advice on carbon footprint reduction. For people outside the borough try browsing the  Climate Energy site.  Climate Energy claim to be the UKs largest, independent energy efficient company and look to be able to help you get independent advice.

Help Creatures Thrive in your Garden

Create a Haven For Bees in your Garden




Reduce the amount of rubbish you throw away

Click on the image to find out more...





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