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  Ladies and Gents Cuts & Styles




Services currently available:-

Shampoo, condition (coming soon)  -   10
Blow dry                                          -   10

Ladies / Gents basic ends trim        -   10
Ladies / Gents Layered cut             -   15
Gents beard trim                              -   5 
Hair styling                                       -   10





Gents Hair Cut & beard trim



Ladies "Pixie" Hair Cut



Styling Longer Hair with Plaits

In this style, below, the hair is parted on the side, a small french plait run along the front of the hairline (on the side with the greater amount of hair), opening out to a wider one, as it runs along the left side, snaking around the back, picking up the hair from the other side of the parting, then winding back under towards the neck. This could have been finished with a little bun, using the pigtail end but we decided to leave it loose





Coming soon:-

A range of stylish and interesting fantasy (think "Game of Thrones", the Vikings and "Lord of the Rings") braid styles for longer hair. I'm thinking about starting with "The Mother of Dragons", Daenerys Targaryen...



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