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Elaine is a very versatile performer and person. As a performer in pubs and care homes, she plays well known, favourite songs  and is known for her chatty, friendly personality. As a singer / songwriter, Elaine tends to focus on mystical, magical, earthy, spiritual and environmental subjects, which are the ones she is most drawn to and passionate about. With her band, "
Kindred Spirit", she often arranges her songs with a celtic twist, weaving the flute and violin parts, like an audible celtic knotwork (probably connected to her Irish roots)! She also runs and is involved with events and special projects and features; like her "Open Mic Night" at the Ailsa Tavern, in Twickenham, her "Support Your Local" campaign and her "PubGuide". She also trained in and co-ran a Thula Mama singing group for Mothers with their small babies, in Richmond Borough.

Elaine trained originally as an electronic engineer, studying at University College London, attaining a degree and working in engineering for around eight years before having her son and swapping to what she considers her true calling of singer /song-writer / guitar player and performer. Along the way, she trained as a Scout Leader and Canoe Instructor and has a natural talent for art and design (which she probably inherited from her father, Desmond Jones, who devoted his life to art and design).

In 2014 Elaine identified a need to earn more income, alongside her music and graphic art work, and embarked on a further career as a mobile hairdresser, studying for two years at West Thames College, Isleworth.