Central Studio Theatre Concert 2015
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Weyfest 2014
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                                Weyfest 2014
                          Photo by Clive Turner

Catherine Dimmock joined Kindred Spirit in 2012. She is an excellent flute and saxophone player.

Catherine teaches
Flute/ Jazz Flute (also piccolo, alto and bass flute),
Saxophone/ Classical Saxophone (jazz included),Clarinet, Recorder and Fife.

In terms of experience, Catherine says, "As a performer, I have played with a vast number of orchestras, wind bands, flute choirs, jazz bands and choirs. I have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of the Rehearsal Orchestra; Buckingham Palace with the National Youth Music Theatre; at The Rose theatre as a pit musician, as a member of a stage band for a musical, as part of the Kingston University Symphony Orchestra and as a solo concerto winner with the Kingston University Chamber Orchestra; The Royal Albert Hall on various occasions; Guildford International Music Festival, performing on flute, with a guitarist; and Ontario Conference Hall, California, with the San Francisco State University. I have toured across the UK as well as around San Francisco and southern California. I have also worked as a session musician for student projects in the UK and USA and have completed a Masters module in studio production. I am currently a member of an orchestra in Lewisham, Harmony Sinfonia - as well as being a member of the National Flute Orchestra."

Qualifications include:-
- MMUS in Music Performance, 2010, University of Surrey
- BA (Hons) Music and Drama, 1st Class Honours, 2008, Kingston University   London (It was here that she spent her second year abroad at San Francisco State University and learned a lot from world - renowned professionals on the flute and saxophone as well as in music theory and drama).
- Grade 8 Flute
- A Level Music, GCSE Music



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