This is what Mike Hislop says about his background:-

"Mike has been playing bass for twenty years on and off, starting out in Scotland.  Amongst the bands that you haven't heard of are 'Never in the Field', Sofa', 'The Pavement Crocodiles', 'Divide by Zero', and latterly 'Chaos Theory' (who you *might* have heard of, but probably not!).  He had a few years of bass trombone tuition at school, instilling in him his love of low frequencies.

                         Photo by rp-photography-solutions

His weapon of choice is the Hohner 'Jack' bass, a headless design very popular in the 1980's, unlike Mike.  His fixation with headless instruments has led to the creation of the Frankenbass, a cunning grafting together of a pair of Jacks (one fretted, the other fretless) into a hernia-inducing prog rock behemoth.


The basses are amplified by an Ashdown Mag-300 into a pair of 2x10/1x15 cabinets, to give that winning combination of trouser-flapping bottom end plus ear-splitting high end.


Mike has recently acquired a Zoom B2.1u sound processor...  be very afraid!"


Photo by Clive Turner