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Four Play is over! It was a fantastic evening with four great bands, sound and atmospheric lighting in the underground, industrial vibed venue!



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The 2017 Festival


Previous Festivals


The Venue


Review of the 2016 Festival






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The 2017 Festival - Saturday 8th April




The Four Play Bands


There were 4 main bands and a selection of market stalls, with the live music starting at 5pm (ldoors open at 4.30pm) and finishing around 10.30pm this year (to allow for early finishing trains at Bracknell station).



We had:-



  Friday 7th April - pre-event evening gig

Platinum Floyd with support from Mellotronanism
   (purchasing a Four Play Festival ticket will entitle you to a bargain price ticket to this
   Acoustic Couch



Spriggan Mist

Baz and Maxine Cillas' lively, original, five piece band, featuring beautiful, female lead vocals from Ann-Mari, guitar, keyboards, wind instruments, bass, drums and percussion and uniquely catchy, vibrant and enticing songs. They have been described as a "pagan, party feeling, prog folk rock with balls and a steam punk edge" band by their many fans! With their steam punk costumes and driving, hypnotic vibes, they really know how to put on a wonderful show! Last year they even brought a troop of belly dancers for extra visual excitement!


Multi Story

A fantastic prog rock band from Wales, which first made a name for themselves back in the '80s. After releasing two successful albums ("East/West" & "Through Your Eyes") and touring Europe with "Magnum" and "Pallas", 80ís Proggers "Multi Story" are thrillingly, now back in full force with their 3rd album "Crimson Stone", released on the F2 Music Label! Bringing back the classic "Multi Story" sound with a fresh approach, and playing an exciting set of material spanning all 3 albums, the band are sure to please new and old fans alike..


Kindred Spirit

A unique, original, prog folk rock, five piece band comprising of singer / song-writer Elaine Samuels,  featured on TV in the '90s, with her "haunting and Beautiful" voice, guitar playing and powerful, often magical songs, together with rocking electric violin, flute, sax, bass and drums. The band have really taken off, since being noticed by the prog rock world after the last "Four Play" Festival, with their latest album, "Phoenix Rising" causing a stir of approval and now being distributed globally and the band being given a support to prog rock legends "Curved Air".


Jade Vine

 Jade Vine is a five piece, London based rock band with an alternative/prog rock twist. The band was originally formed by brothers Constantine (guitars, vocals) & Marios Magdalinos (guitars, vocals) in 2006. Jade Vineís music has been influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Anathema and Pain of Salvation just to name a few. However, the Jade Vine sound is truly unique and differs from their influences as it is filtered through various cultural, political, social and auto biographical experiences which reflect on their sound and the lyrical content.




Market Stalls










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The Venue


The festival is being held at
a super new venue too
called the Acoustic Couch,
11, Market Street, Bracknell,
RG12 1JG.

Bigger Venue Map



























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