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Band Go Down A Storm at HRH Prog Fest 7

A five hour drive saw us arrive at Hafan Y Mor Caravan Site in beautiful (and sunny) Pwllheli, North Wales on November 17th. Following two radio interviews, for HRH Prog Radio and Midlands Metalheads Radio, the band played a 95min spot on Stage 2 (overlapping with headliners, Hawkwind, on Stage 1, but capturing the attention of a packed crowd)! Garry Foster, presenter of the "Unchained & Prog Rock Files" (101.8 WCR FM) said,

"Your set was a real highlight of the weekend. Id never seen you guys live before.....
loved the set from start to finish, the camaraderie on stage between you guys was magnificent!!!"

Garry said this about his impression of the Kindred Spirit Band at HRH Prog Festival (click to hear this audio clip from his programme)
Audio Clip

If you would like to see lots more photos and view a video with some antics from Martin Ash, take a look at the band Facebook Page




Rock Society Magazine Feature




Here is the first page of our three page feature in Rock Society Magazine. If you want to read the whole article, you can obtain your copy here





First Batch of New Tracks Ready!

The band have been back at Skyline Studios since February 2018 recording six new numbers (see details of the numbers below). Check out the recording process we went through here.

We now have six, new song tracks to release as singles via digital downloads or to add to a physical CD, if we decide there  are enough people wanting a physical CD to justify the cost of manufacturing one. We have created approx 1 minute clips of each one for you to have a listen to them, below!

Pandora's Box  cd1.gif
A driving number about letting out a secret. The band have played this one live over the last year or so; so you may be familiar with it.

Understand  cd1.gif
Another driving number about going forward together even though we don't understand our purpose. We have only played this live a couple of times in the autumn of 2017.

Don't Have More Than Two  cd1.gif
A song specifically about overpopulation; what it is doing to the planet and what we can do to halt it.

Daemons  cd1.gif
A prog rock number about not letting the daemons in; running from them but ultimately fighting them with your will. We have only played this live a couple of times in the autumn of 2017.

Red Red Rose  cd1.gif
A prog rock number about the book of revelation. This is a new one, played first at The Exchange in March and then at Richmond May Fair, 2018!

Beyond The Ninth Wave  cd1.gif
A Celtic folk rock number about the mysteries the early maritime explorers faced on the high seas. This is another new one!


      Jez Larder at Skyline Studios






Shall we make a new CD?


We are still deciding whether to make a physical CD album, to present our newly recorded songs or whether to just have digital downloads. You can influence this decision.

If you want a CD speak up and join our "New Album" list. If you join the list you will be the first people to get the physical album (if it comes out, for a 10 fee). You don't need to pay anything "up front" and you will get exclusive access to extra audio and video of the recording and creating process in a special, extra "New Album" newsletter, being dispatched monthly!

Whatever happens, we plan to record another 6 tracks (only 2 of which have yet to be written) and we hope to be ready to do this in the autumn, ready for a possible album launch in late January / early February.

Please note that some problems were experienced with joining this list, which have now been fixed!



Join New Album Register





Band to play HRH Prog Fest 7, in November

HRH Prog Fest 7





Twickenham Arts Centre

Since the Kindred Spirit Band were going to be performing at it on March 23rd and quite a few people she spoke to seemed unaware of it, Elaine has written an article about Twickenham's spectacular new arts centre, to help introduce it to everyone. She has written it like a tour around the centre with excellent photographs by RP Photography Solutions. Take a look below.


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Music Legends and the Kindred Spirit Band

Following the passing of music legend, Ray Thomas, one of the original members of the Moody Blues, who the Kindred Spirit Band met at their concert with "Blue Onyx", in December 2010, at Leatherhead Theatre, Elaine has written the article below describing the musical legends who have been drawn to the Kindred Spirit Band since their formation after the dawn of the new millenium.

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Elaine received an inspirational email from a new fan just before New Year's Eve, and felt compelled to write the article below , which she hopes will inspire everyone for 2018!

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