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Band Score a First at Fleet Festival on August 5th



Les Binks To Play "A New Day Festival"

Our legendary drummer, Les Binks, is a very private person who quite simply loves playing the drums. He started playing at an early age and is superb at his craft. Les recently gave an in depth interview, where he explains his split with Judas Priest as well as quite shocking stories about the music industry and his colourful history in the music business. You can read this interview here

We would have been playing more with Les over the last few years but our concert and event income has needed to catch up with Les' minimum gigging fee to book him! At the Farncombe Music Club concert (where he is pictured below), Les expressed an interest in playing at the "New Day Festival", on August 26th, because many old mates from other legendary bands were also playing and he was keen to meet up with them again. This suited our designated drummer for the day, Alan Barwise, since he also had another gig on, on that day; so Les will be coming to "A New Day Festival" to play with with us!

Photo courtesy of Chris Davenport


Four Play Festival @ The Acoustic Couch, Bracknell, April 8th 2017

with Multi Story, Jade Vine & Spriggan Mist


At the Four Play Festival, our drummer, Alan (who has since dropped back to being a dep drummer) was unable to make it due to illness. We still did a good job without him though, even though it gave us a more exposed sound and Clive produced a super video of "beast inside" song "Run Red". Have a listen and see how we sounded! There are lovely solos from Catherine and Martin captured in this video!

Review of the Four Play Festival from Neil Mach, AdPontes



Nineteen73 Live Festival @ The Robin 2, Bilston, April 2nd 2017

with Magenta, Cairo & Midnight Sun

The band kicked off this super day long festival at the Robin 2, Bilston to a room of hard core prog fans, winning them over especially when Martin leapt off the 4 foot high stage unexpectedly towards the end of the final number, rocking out on the violin! Legendary prog rockers, Magenta, were really, brilliant and Midnight Sun and Cairo were very, very good too! You will find some video footage of Martin's leap and a gallery of photos on our Kindred Spirit Band Facebook page.



Curved Air Support @ Claygate Festival

The band had a great night on March 12th at Claygate Festival with a packed and appreciative crowd. Legendary prog rockers, Curved Air, were awesome! Click on the link for a page with more description, photos and see the Kindred Spirit Band performing at this gig!

Read more





May 2017 video release:
Kindred Spirit Band @ Four Play Festival




Prog Mag Feature

The Kindred Spirit Band, full page, "Limelight" feature, written by Rachel Mann, is out now in the February edition of Prog Mag.
If you would like to read a PDF of it, click on the magazine image below.

And here it is on the on line Prog Magazine Features page Teamrock where an album track, from the "Phoenix Rising" album, illustrating the "folk rock meets classical with a scientific edge" tag has also been given.




Martin Ash Unleashed!

 Our exciting, electric violin player, Martin Ash, jumped off the front of the stage at our first gig - to the surprise of the rest of the band - and ran about amongst the audience - still playing his solo! If  you take a look back at the 2016 News page, you can see him doing this!

He will often "go wild" at gigs to the delight of audiences. Up until now though, he has been tethered with a lead from his violin to his effects pedals. Excitingly, he has just become unleashed; he has acquired a wireless system for his electric violin and will be able to wander freely!

I wonder what the maximum distance between the transmitter and receiver is?







Latest in the shock story!

In the last couple of weeks Future Publishing has stepped in for Team Rock and Prog (plus the other magazines they produce) have been resurrected! A photographer has been assigned to do a photo shoot of the Kindred Spirit Band shortly and the full page feature is back on! Read more about the story..





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