The Kindred Spirit Band - New Album Register

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If you want to encourage us to make a physical new Kindred Spirit album (as opposed to just digital downloads), as well as receive exclusive access to photos, video and audio clips about the progress of the recording (you won't see anywhere else) fill in the table below and register your name on this special fan list. (You will receive email confirmation and then regular newsletters, with inside access to the latest recording action)!

If we reach at least 100 names on this register, we will make a physical CD and you will be the first people to get a copy!

If we do make a physical CD, it will be 10 postage and packing and the people on this list will be able to buy it prior to an album launch, as soon as it is manufactured!

You do not have to part with any money to join this register. You are simply trying to encourage us to make a physical album by showing us you would buy one!