The Kindred Spirit Band - New Album?

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This page is dedicated to whether the Kindred Spirit Band make a new physical CD album or not.

We are recording new songs in 2018 but do not have much space to store more albums plus are unsure how many people these days would buy a physical album.

Some of our fans have expressed disappointment that there may not be another physical CD, so we have decided to give fans a chance to register a commitment that they would buy the album when it comes out with the understanding that, if we reach a target of 100 names on this list, the album will definitely be created at a cost to fans of no more than 10 plus postage and packing!

If you want to own a physical copy of a new Kindred Spirit album, click on the button below to go to this page and register your name. If you do this, you will also receive extra newsletters with exclusive access to video clips, extra photos and MP3s of some of the tracks as they progress!



We also want to give fans the opportunity to have some input into the direction of the album, if we make it, and an insight into the creative and recording process, so we have the following page (click the button to go there):-