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Latest News


May Mixing


We completed four days of mixing and mastering of these first six tracks, this May, and they are really sounding great!

Hear clips of them below.


Pandora's Box  cd1.gif
Don't Have More Than Two  
Red Red Rose  
Beyond The Ninth Wave  


We will be sending out the completed MP3 of one of the tracks along with a video of us mixing another on our special email shot to those fans who have joined the "New Album" list (to encourage us to make a physical CD).

It is not too late to join this list! Click here



Day 7 - Recording Studio April 20th

This evening, we began the final mixing of "Red Red Rose" and welcomed Aleem into the recording studio to add some hand drums and percussion to one or two numbers.

We added Djembe and some percussion effects to the middle eastern segment of "Beyond The Ninth Wave", some Djembe to "Don't Have More Than Two" and some tambourine to "Understand"

Aleem playing the Djembe (thanks for the loan Surya - what a fab sound it has)!

Aleem playing some sounds via his drum pad, including gong, Indian bells, bell tree and a phwishing noise (not sure what that was but it sounded great)! Aleem brings the drum pad to live gigs to re-create and play these sounds live, alongside his drum kit.

Aleem playing some masterful tambourine on "Understand".





Day 6 - Recording Studio April 11th

Today, Catherine Dimmock came into the studio to record her flute, alto and soprano sax and vocal parts...
We are almost at the mixing stage now; just some hand drumming to record with Aleem at the end of April!

The tracks are starting to sound really wonderful. If you want to get more of an inside look and listen, join the call for us to make a physical album by registering on the "New Album Register" and you will receive an extra newsletter about the recording with audio and video clips and some extra photos and write up. You might also be asked your thoughts and ideas regarding the album design and which tracks are your favourites!





Day 5 - Recording Studio April 9th

Today, Stevie Mitchell came into the studio and recorded cello and vocals on "Don't Have More Than Two" and "Pandora's Box", baritone sax on "Daemons" and some incredibly high vocals on the Latin chanting on "Red Red Rose"!


We had four children, Skye, Grace, Bethany and Kiera, with their adult helpers arrive in the afternoon, to sing "Don't Have More Than Two", which was fun!



Writing new songs - March 31st

Elaine has been writing some new songs, which will be recorded as a batch, in a few months time, when they are finished and the band have got to grips with them. Here is what is coming:-

1. "Make a Change"
This was inspired by Elaine's own song-writing competition, for her Open Mic Nights, held on March 25th. She has written a lively, feel good song, which she hopes will make listeners feel energised and ready to make that positive change!

2. "The Alchemyst"
This is a deep, dark, very prog rock song, taking the listener back in time to a basement laboratory. Elaine is half way through writing this one and has paused to finish reading a fascinating book about the life and work of Dr John Dee, the mathematician, astrologer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.




Day 4 - Recording Studio March 18th

Despite the mini-"Beast from the East" bringing another fall of snow, everyone made it in for the recording; both Mike Hislop to play his bass guitar parts and all the environmentally minded singers who came along to "sing for the planet"! There were no children amongst the singers so we will need another session or two recording some children's voices on the "Don't Have More Than Two" track.



Day 3 - Recording Studio March 16th

Elaine spent the day recording her vocals, cittern and acoustic guitar parts. Again, she played the cittern on the choruses of "Beyond the Ninth Wave" adding to the extra mandolin sound being a similar quality of sound as the mandolin, only deeper in pitch.



Day 2 - Recording Studio March 9th

Martin and Elaine spent the day recording almost all of Martin's violin, viola and mandolin parts. The violin and viola were used to create some truly beautiful string arrangements (created by Martin) on several tracks, as well as his main acoustic and sections of rockier, electric violin playing. The overdriven rock effect will be added to the acoustic violin sound afterwards. Stevie Mitchell is going to be adding her cello part to the string sections and in a couple of other places in forthcoming recording sessions.

Martin added his mandolin to the choruses on "Beyond the Ninth Wave", which has definitely beefed them up as well as giving more of a folky feel of being on board a tall ship in the fifteeth century!



Day 1 - Recording Studio February 18th

Martin, Elaine and Les Binks spent the whole day (10am - 5pm) in the recording studio on Sunday 18th February, with excellent engineer, Jez Larder. They recorded the prepared, six, new original numbers (see the previous news bulletin for the list), concentrating on getting Les' drums well mic'd, with a great sound quality and keeping Les in the separate, adjoining studio room, to avoid any sound bleed. Catherine (flute / sax) and Mike (bass guitar) should have been joining them to lay down the rough guide track alongside the drum recording but Catherine had had her wisdom teeth removed only days earlier, while Mike had succumbed to the flu, which has been doing the rounds recently!

This did not prevent the main aim of getting the drum track recorded to a click as well as a guide track, allowing later overdubbing of individual parts by all the other band members involved. Les did a stunningly awesome job for us, with his usual solid timing, exciting fills and even eye-opening and beautiful octoban work! (You can see the octobans top right of the photo of Les below). He accelerated the Kindred Spirit Band sound up to a further orbit of rock heaven with a section of double time bass drum playing on the rock jig electric violin solo section of our apocalyptic number, "Red Red Rose", which gradually builds to a climax of rock indulgence, including chanted Latin phrases in unison but different octaves as well as (possibly) some church organ, to give the biblical edge! Right after this rock climax, the song falls back into sparse tom tom and Elaine's voice (which it starts with too)! It is sounding really good already!

If you want to get further, inside access to the recording and crative process, with audio clips of the tracks so far and video of some of the main action for that day, join the register to ask us to create a physical album. (If you have read this far you are probably interested enough to buy a CD if it is created). Not only will a good sized list of names on the register encourage us to make the CD (as opposed to just creating digital downloads) but you will be on an "inner circle" of fans and will receive extra newsletters about the recording process with exclusive access to the audio and video clips!

The next newsletter for the inner circle is scheduled to be made at the beginning of next month and will include a clip from "Red Red Rose", including Les' octoban work plus a video clip of Les drumming in the recording studio!



Getting new songs ready to record - 21st January 2018

The band are in rehearsals fine tuning and thinking about the arrangement details of the seven songs they want to record next. The songs are 6 originals plus a cover (which would be a "bonus" track, if they make physical new album copies). The original tracks are:-


Pandora's Box
A driving number about letting out a secret. The band have played this one live over the last year; so you may be familiar with it.


Another driving number about going forward together even though we don't understand our purpose. We have only played this live a couple of times in the autumn of 2017.


Don't Have More Than Two
A song specifically about overpopulation; what it is doing to the planet and what we can do to halt it. There is a demo of this track. You can have the chance to sing on the recording of this one too! Find out more here.


A prog rock number about not letting the daemons in; running from them but ultimately fighting them with your will. We have only played this live a couple of times in the autumn of 2017.


Red Red Rose
A prog rock number about the Book of Revelations. This is a new one!


Beyond The Ninth Wave
A Celtic folk rock number about the mysteries the early maritime explorers faced on the high seas. This is another new one!






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Opportunities to get involved


Add your voice on an album track

Singers who care about the environment have literally added their voices to the album track "Don't have More than two" and "sang for the planet" by coming to the recording studio on Sunday, March 18th, 2018. They joined the "Sing For The Planet" Facebook Group, specifically set up for this project.

Find out more about the over population project here


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