The Project


Singer / song-writer / guitarist Elaine Samuels, founder of the Kindred Spirit Band has written a powerful, environmental song, and envisages a project using it to raise global awareness, about the growing issue of world overpopulation, with its exacerbating effects on the unsustainablilty of modern, human lifestyles on planet earth. The continued growth in human population on our planet is going to accelerate global warming, with its increasingly erratic and more violent weather systems as well as rising sea levels. It will also compound the, already serious, impacts of pollution plus overuse of natural resources, which is causing the extinction of entire species!

Elaine has already shared the idea with local and national environmental groups, such as "SWLEN" (the South West London Environmental Network) and "Population Matters", who have all said they like the song. She is talking with other environmental groups too and hopes that they will all be interested in using the song to help spread a vital message.

She will be recording the song professionally, with the Kindred Spirit Band (including string quartet arrangements and both children and adult singers) this winter. If you are a singer who feels strongly about this issue and would like to sing on the recording, you can join the "Sing For The Planet" Facebook Group, specifically set up for this project, and / or you can contact Elaine to get on a list.
Contact Elaine by emailing her at

Elaine has also been contacting university animation students across the world, who might be looking for a worthwhile project to work on, for their courses this coming academic year. She hopes to have a number of video animations, to accompany the song and help intensify its impact, to share with the world by next spring / summer.

Here is a link to the song demo and lyrics, below, which animators will be working from. It is called "Don't Have More Than Two". The premise is that, if two parents create no more that two children, then the population cannot continue to increase.


The song