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By Elaine Samuels 15th July 2017

Verse 1
[F#m] bacter i - a growing in a [A] petri [E] dish
[E] beings re ly - y on the [F#m] earth to live
We con
[F#m]sume, create [E] waste, repro[F#m]duce and [A] spread
And if
[E] numbers keep on rising soon we'll [F#m] all be dead
f# / g# / [A] Its a simple eq[E]uation when you add it [F#m] u - up
f# / g# [A] We're taking too [E] much from a fi-i-nite [A] cu u u - [E]up
The natural a
[D]bundance of life and its [E] needs
Is being dest[D]royed by industrial scale
[E] greed.

[D] Don't have more than [E] two     Choir sing
If you love your children
[D] Don't have more than [E] two     Choir sing
For them to have a future
[D] Help us to sur[E]vive     Choir sing
Don't have more than
[F#m] two oo oo [E] oo oo oo [D] oo oo oo [E] oo

Middle 8
[G] Even now we en[Em]danger life in the [Bm] sea-[C]ea
[Em] With overfishing and pol[C]lution by you and [G] me-e-e-[D]e
[C] crop cultivation using [D] bad pesticides
[C] killing off bees, which is [D] suicide su[E]icide.
[Am] [G] [F] [E] x 2
[Am] leaders talk the talk but [G] don't keep their pledges,
[F]noring our petitions and our [E] protest marches.
[Am] won't take global warming [G] seriously
But a
[F] major difference we can make [E] you and me is...


Verse 2
[F#m] Why can't we see that more [A] humans on [E] earth
Would make a
[E] growing eco-crisis a [F#m] whole lot worse?
If two
[F#m] parents had 2 [E] children or [F#m] less then in [A] time
The total
[E] number of people would [F#m] slowly decline
f# / g# / [A] Instead the world popu[E]lation continues [F#] growing
f# / g# / [A] With a culture ob[E]sessed with trivi[A]a and [E] bling
If you really love your
[D] children then protect the [E] earth
Don't have more than
[D] two when you decide to give [E] birth!

Chorus x 2 plus END


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