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Digital Downloads for Kindred Spirit Albums
Digital downloads for Kindred Spirit albums can be found on our CD Baby page (click on the image below). So far there are 2 albums available, "The Watchers" and "In The Doghouse" and more will be coming...


All Albums:
(see those available below) may be obtained from gigs or via mail order with "Pay Pal" available (from this site on the individual album pages).



Elemental (10)
New album coming soon



Phoenix Rising (10) More
The most recent studio album



Metamorphosis (10)
Studio album


In The Doghouse
In The Doghouse (10) More
Studio Band Recording 2005


The Watchers (10) More
A studio album 2002


Mystic Journey
Mystic Journey 1 - The Guardians  2CD (15) More


Dance of Life (10) More

A studio album featuring, Elaine, Jane, Joey, Mike and Paula

(the first incarnation of the "Kindred Spirit Band").