The Tour - "Fire and Magic"

Moody Blues tribute band, “Blue Onyx” (also the UK’s excellent and ONLY one) are teaming up with the electrifying Kindred Spirit band to perform a series of very special concerts. These bands are SO good that even members of the Moody Blues themselves came to see them at their Leatherhead Concert!

Moody Blues came to concert
Ray Thomas, a founder member of the Moody Blues, AND Norda Mullen, the current Moody Blues flute player,  who Annie Parker (Kindred Spirit flautist) has already met (and impressed at a jam session in Henley), came to our Leatherhead Theatre Concert in December!


Steve and Tim from Blue Onyx met Ray in 2010, at Ray’s signing day at threshold records to promote his newly-re-mastered and re-released solo albums “From Mighty Oaks” and “Hopes, Wishes and Dreams” (for more details go visit, and said,

Ray’s first words to us were “I’m coming to see you” so the second thing to do is to come along to our “Fire and Magic” tour concert at Leatherhead theatre on Saturday December 4th (WWW.THE-THEATRE.ORG or 01372 365141).  Our good friends Kindred Spirit will be firing up the place with their electrifying folk and Blue Onyx will be playing an exciting set featuring no fewer than TEN (yes 10) songs that the Moodies no longer play – it’s going to be a great occasion.  Ray Thomas will be there (he’s bought his tickets!)…..Norda Mullen will be there too (she’s bought her tickets!)… I mean, you don’t want to be left out of what is going to be an unforgettable night?
Yours, from cloud nine, Steve



Farnham Maltings Concert
Sunday, May 22nd, 7pm

We had a great time performing at Farnham Maltings. The sound and lighting was great and the audience was very appreciative. We have some new Farnham fans!

Concert finished    

Kenton Theatre Concert, Henley
Saturday, February 26th, 8pm
We had a wonderful concert at Henley's beautiful Kenton Theatre with an almost full house! We have had some lovely reviews and feed back too. Have a read of them all...


Concert finished

Leatherhead Theatre Concert
Saturday, December 4th, 8pm
Ray Thomas, a founder member of the Moody Blues, and Norda Mullen, the current Moody Blues flute player came to our Leatherhead Theatre Concert in December! The lighting and sound was marvellous and we had a really good crowd considering the icy conditions.

Concert finished

Ray commented,
"Thank you Blue Onyx & Kindred Spirits for a brilliant evening of music. Well done, mates. "


The Kindred Spirit band have performed to great acclaim at numerous prestigious venues including the famous Cavern Club, in Liverpool. The band's lead singer and song-writer, Elaine Samuels has herself performed solo and with members of her Kindred Spirit band on TV and radio as well as at large festivals such as Glastonbury and Guildford. The "Kindred Spirit" band are particularly known for Elaine's haunting and beautiful vocals, powerful, "perceptive and intriguing" original material and the two electrifying virtuoso lead instrument players, Gavin Jones on electric violin and Annie Parker on flute, saxophone and whistle, who perform thrilling improvised duels, live on stage. They are a bit like Nigel Kennedy meets IanAnderson!

“One of the best undiscovered folk / acoustic acts doing the rounds ... discover with haste”. - Sean McGhee, Rock’N Reel Magazine

“Good songs and an abilityto make folk and rock standards seem fresh”. - Colin Randall, Daily Telegraphu


Blue Onyx formed in 2006, because of their own enthusiasm for the classic songs of the Moody Blues. They have been impressing audiences in theatres and at festivals across the land, having managed to re-create the authentic sounds of the magnificent Moody Blues. Blue Onyx play many of the Moodies’ classic songs from the 60s and 70s, including "Question”, “Isn’t Life Strange” and of course “Nights in White Satin”! In addition, Blue Onyx also play several Ray Thomas & Mike Pinder numbers (no longer performed by the Moodies themselves). Blue Onyx play songs from the Moodies’ astonishing “Classic Seven” period (67-73) when every album was a major rock event and each one sold in their millions. If you like the Moodies, you’ll love Blue Onyx!


nds ... discover with haste”. -