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Purchasing Other Merchandise


T Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Bags and other accessories carrying the "Kindred Spirit" logo - are now available from our very own "Spreadshirt" shop!






1.  Product Information
For more information about each product in the shop, click on the "size" word underneath the image of the product.

2.  Quality and Price
The T-shirt quality is very vibrant with a great, shiny, silver metallic star, circle and wording. The prices are fairly high (even with no commission to the Kindred Spirit band on them) because these products are all orderable on a "one-off" basis (avoiding the need for the band to purchase 100s of product in advance)!

Creating your own designer Kindred Spirit items
The Kindred Spirit logos have been added to the "Spreadshirt" designs marketplace. You can now visit the Spreadshirt web site and create your own products using the Kindred Spirit logo and adding extra words if you want - for example with a T-shirt, you should be able to have the Kindred Spirit logo on the front and add text to the back such as "No 1 fan!" or something!

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About the "Kindred Spirit" Symbol
In the "Kindred Spirit" symbol the pentangle represents the "kindred"; the magical, woven bond of the five band members, the circle the earthly plane and the flames (forming "KS") are the "spirit" of the music breaking free.