Annie - 2004 Songwriter Festival
Annie at Richmond May fair 2009

Annie at Brentford festival 2007

Annie posing with her saxophone

Annie - Ambient Picnic festival 2007

 Annie at Weyfest 2009

Annie Parker joined Kindred Spirit in 2002. She is an outstanding flute player. She grew up in Wales and learnt to play the flute classically to a very high level. The school youth orchestra she was a part of won national finals and performed at the Albert Hall, where she even played a solo! Currently she performs, composes and teaches. She also explores different types of music, being particularly interested in contemporary classical music and in folk & folk rock. She enjoys improvising and now plays saxophone & penny whistle as well as flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute not to mention singing.

Like Gavin, she puts her instruments through effects pedals creating some very interesting sound-scapes and her sheer technical ability and dexterity, combined with a talent for improvisation produces thrilling instrumental solos.

In 2009, Annie met Norda
Mullen, the lady flute player who took over Ray Thomas' role in the Moody Blues. She went to a jam session with Norda, in Henley, and impressed her so much that Norda was keen to see a Kindred Spirit gig!

Annie, plays sax, flute and whistle BUT like Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. Have a look at this clip of Annie doing a flute break:-

Apart from her having joined the "Kindred Spirit" clan, Annie performs with the Ceilidh band "Tanglefoot".
barn dance band and offshoot band "Tanglen". More recently, Annie has also joined a local function band.

Annie is a very talented musician with a natural ear for harmony and improvisation. Her bright style and enthusiasm was not wasted on the audience. You probably noticed us all lifting and swaying with her when Annie pipped the high notes! 

Ray Cawte