“Kindred Spirit” Duo featuring Elaine with Marc Weide

In this line up, we have Elaine Samuels’ "haunting and beautiful" vocals and expert acoustic guitar playing woven skilfully with Marc Weide's classically trained and beautifully melodic violin playing. Elaine Samuels has been featured on TV and radio as well as at festivals such as Glastonbury and Guildford. Marc also has a flair for improvisation on the violin. He prefers to play his acoustic violin and can also play viola. For added effect he puts his electric violin through an effects board to create a fantastic range of sound-scapes from delays through to rock distortions. The Kindred Spirit duo perform a powerful live set of classic pop / rock and contemporary folk (including numbers like Pink Floyd, the Levellers, Crowded House and Eagles), more recent songs (like the Corrs, Travis, Coldplay and Kaiser Chiefs),  electrifying celtic jigs & reels, a great version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and one or two "perceptive and intriguing" originals. You can hear some examples of their live set below.



The Devil Went Down to Georgia St Patricks Night 2015