Martin Ash

Martin at Four Play Prog Rock Festival, April 2016





Martin at Wokingham Festival August 2016


Violinist Martin Ash joined Kindred Spirit in 2016 already in possession of a varied and growing CV and a substantial gingery beard.He initially learned, and has always remained partly faithful to, classical violin. However, wanderings across England (Newcastle and Oxford have been home, as well as his native Merseyside and a lot of playing in London not to mention backpacking halfway across the globe) have been accompanied by musical explorations, notably of jazz, blues and British folk as well as church music. Somewhere along the way, he picked up guitar, bass and mandolin and started singing, as well as adapting to amped up performance environments (courtesy of a trusty and mercifully indestructible Headway Band pickup). He acquired a sleek, black electric violin, to allow him to make more of an impact in a rock environment, in August 2016 (pictured top right).

Between band gigs, Martin works freelance as an instrumentalist, choral singer and arranger and strongly encourages all interested parties to visit and get in touch. No job can possibly be odder than ones he has already done! He also performs with Oxford-based fusion band The String Project and gypsy-pirate-goth-ska-steampunk-cabaret-dark folk debauchees The Filthy Spectacula. Rumour has it he finds time to sleep on special occasions. Martin sees himself as a go-anywhere musician, never happier than when leaving his musical comfort zone and going where the gig takes him. A near-unique breadth of learning, styles, playing and hearing cross-pollinates in his music-making and will always provide something you didn't expect to hear!




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