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Fire and Magic Tour
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Stephanie – the new “Lola” - October 16th


Stephanie is a friendly, charming and bubbly woman who happened to be born with a man’s body! She has spent years trying to live like a man but not feeling her true self. Then something happened which gave her the self awareness and courage she needed to take her on the road to a complete sex change. She is an inspiration for anyone who feels they are living a lie. Have a listen to Stephanie talking about what happened – on her
radio interview at Brooklands FM

I’ve just written a song for Stephanie, similar in feel to Ray Davis’ “Lola”, which Annie and I will be performing for the very first time, in front of Stephanie herself, at the Teddington Arms on Saturday October 16th! I don’t know if Lola really existed but there IS a “Stephanie”! I hope she likes the song!

Come and hear the whole of the “Stephanie” song at:-
the Teddington Arms on October 16th.
Here are the lyrics to the first verse - to whet your appetite:-


Stephanie – the song
I met her at a party in Shepperton,
I was by the pool, feeling cool,
Then in walked Stephanie,
And she came up to me,
Oh what a sight to see…
Steph Steph Steph – a Stephanie.


Marlow Festival
Saturday, September 11th
The Kindred Spirit duo of Elaine and Annie had a visit, in June 2009, at a High Wycombe duo gig, from Paul Mansell and Andy Fowler, presenters of Marlowfm radio. They recorded the gig on a hard drive recorder, which they broadcast on their station and they have also been enthusiastically playing tracks from Kindred Spirit's latest album, "Metamorphosis". They organised the weekend Marlow Festival in Marlow's lovely "Riley Park" and are launching the Marlowfm station in permanent premises in Longridge in February next year. The festival raised funds to furbish the studios and for Riley Park Trust. Find out more and listen online at

The full band performed at Marlow FM's Festival in Riley Park, Marlow on Saturday September 11th and despite the forecast the weather was sunny. The excellent Moody Blues tribute band, "Blue Onyx" also performed and it was a great day!


All Saints Church - Band Concert
Dedworth Rd, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4JW
Saturday, July 10th
This was an evening Kindred Spirit band concert in a truly lovely setting. Food was included in the ticket price and there was a bar to provide refreshment throughout the evening. We sang a special song, called "Sandra's Song", to the friends of the church including Sandra's family, as a memorial to Sandra. Sandra died of cancer about a year ago and she wrote the song lyrics, while Sue, the church organist, wrote the tune. We followed the song, which talked of life being full of colour and God's rainbow with our new "Children of the Stars" song - also about life being full of colour.




Live Lounge Concert -
Monday, May 31st - 6pm
The evening concert was a special joint one with Kindred Spirit and the excellent, and only, UK Moody Blues tribute band, "Blue Onyx" in the Radio Brookland's FM
Live Lounge concert hall (1st floor, Weybridge library, Church St.). Richard Taylor was depping for us on bass at this - his first - Kindred Spirit gig and he did a superb job!

             Photo taken by Tom - of "Tomodo Photography" -


The whole thing was broadcast live over the internet and live video streaming via U Stream and you can watch a replay of the day and concert at:-



Saturday, May 22nd - from 2pm

This was a live music, day long festival in aid of the Air Ambulance being held at the Nag's Head, London Rd., High Wycombe.

There were several bands including the Kindred Spirit trio of Elaine, Gavin and Mike. We performed from 8pm but there were also jamming sessions starting from 2pm.

The audience were really into our music - dancing and singing along - and we had a great time! During the evening we were sketched by artist Peter Classey - see the cartoon below.


                                                      The sketch


                                         The trio on the night


Richmond May Fair
Saturday, May 8th, 12.45pm
This day long fair (around 10am - 5.30pm) held on Richmond Green, Surrey suffered from cold weather for the time of year with patchy drizzle! The Kindred Spirit band performed a 40min spot just after the juggler (12.45pm) and we seemed to go down well to those who were prepared to brave the chill!

Radio Brooklands FM - Monday 25th January
Kindred Spirit appeared on the Brooklands FM's "Surrey Unsigned" Show on Monday 25th January with friendly host, David Durant and studio engineer,Lance.

Annie, Gavin, Mike and Elaine chatted, played quite a few numbers live, discussed the reasons they chose various pieces of music for David to play and generally messed about like naughty school children! Annie was really chuffed to get to read out the weather forecast (with sound effects from Gavin - mainly)! Here are a few pictures of them (below) in the new Brooklands FM studio (we were - in fact - test subjects for the new studio - which seemed to work OK)!

Above - Elaine has control of the studio mic (shared for speaking on air).                            Right - Annie tries even harder to prevent Gavin from speaking!!

You Tube - Best Days:-

You Tube - I'll Always Love You:-

We've had some lovely comments from David and Lance on Facebook and via email:

"Hi Elaine, It was a pleasure meeting you and your band this evening! You were great fun and fantastic musicians! I hope you had fun and enjoyed the experience too! Thank you on behalf of Brooklands FM and please convey our appreciation to Annie, Gavin and Mike, they were awesome! DD x" "Dear Elaine, Once again, thank you so much for your fantastic company and musicianship last night, it was without a doubt a memorable 'Surrey Unsigned' and one of those 'special' shows I will always remember! The email below says it all! I understand our esteemed colleague John Cull is going to air the attached track on his show tomorrow morning around 10:15! Best wishes, David x"

"Dear All, Please find attached a slightly mastered MP3 of the final track played by Kindred Spirits of David's Surrey Unsigned show last night.
They were a great bunch and David did a brilliant job getting it all together and keeping them under control!
Anyhow I thought that you might like to hear the "sound" of St1 on its first real programme last night.
If David agrees then I think that we should give this track a good airing once or twice (or more) this week.
It's called "Best Days Of Our Lives" and I believe that the Kindred Spirits can be seen and heard at the Crown in Chertsey this Friday evening.
All best wishes,

cd1.gif"Best Days" live from Brooklands FM

New Gig Reviews on Lemonrock
We list all our gigs on Lemonrock - a great live music listings site - because this site sends all members weekly listings of all gigs coming up in their area and this really helps
to bring music lovers to our gigs. Annie and I have had a number of gig reviews on Lemonrock and the most recent one entitles "A Dose of the Vapours" (November 29th, by Jim
Wilsher) is really funny - and worth a read. I can also recommend joining Lemonrock; free for music lovers and a small yearly amount for bands; it is really working for live music!

Read the Kindred Spirit Lemonrock reviews:-


Susie Fison depping for Annie
We are getting more band gigs than ever before now as well as building up enough of a following for the band that we can   attract a paying audience. Add to that the good reviews
we are getting for the new album and I am confident that we can increase the number and the quality of the gigs we get in 2010. It is always tricky to juggle dates so that everyone
can be available for a particular gig, when the band members have other commitments like young families, a “proper” day job, studies for exams etc.. In order to increase the
availability of the full, five-piece band for gigs we have asked the superb Susie Fison, who currently plays flute for the UK’s only Moody Blues Tribute band, our friends, “Blue Onyx”
to dep. for Annie, to ease the band availability over some dates where Annie won’t be around.
nyx” to dep. for Annie, to ease the band availability over some dates where
Susie Fison 
Susie is a charismatic and accomplished flautist. She is classically trained and 
currently plays in the Henley Symphony Orchestra as well as the 
wonderful Moody Blues tribute band, “Blue Onyx” and occasionally in
the Tanglefoot Ceilidh band.    

In her current groups, Susie has not had much opportunity to improvise but we know
that she can from times she has come up and joined in with us at Kindred Spirit gigs.
She can’t wait to have the chance to do more.Susie was “unleashed” at her debut duo
gig with Elaine on Saturday, August 22nd, at the Bull in Riseley. She did a great job
and we have been re-booked for December 12th!


You can see Susie in action with Blue Onyx from the You Tube clip below:-
Legend of a Mind video clip


"Deviant Art" web site
I have created a "Deviant Art" web site for my artwork, where it can be viewed and prints purchased online - see:-

Cavern Club - You Tube
Our November 2006 performance of "Run Red" at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club can be viewed on
You Tube



Gavin’s Gourmet Gannet Guide

As an editor / publisher by day (with experience in the hospitality and catering side of publishing) and electrifying violin player plus food appreciator in between, Gavin has earned the revered nickname of "Gannet” amongst his colleagues and friends.
An aspiring food critic (with a gradually expanding waistline), Gavin has steadily been tasting his way around gigs and has discovered some outstanding food / music venues. At these particular venues, Gavin has described the meals on offer as being “so wonderful” that we thought he should be able to mark them as "Gannet Approved Venues" (or GAVs), with the "Gannet" logo.

A new feature of the Kindred Spirit “Pub Guide” then, will be the much sought after “Gannet” mark (see right). Those venues achieving this high accolade will have the mark placed beside the picture of their establishment on the “Pub Guide” as an indication, to anyone looking for a superb meal (as well as some excellent live music), that here is the place to visit.

Any venues thinking that they truly deserve a “Gannet” mark should encourage Gavin to sample some of their culinary delights, a prospect which we are sure he won’t be too unhappy about.

Look at the Guide so far


Pub Guide Page

Our "Pub Guide" page is evolving all the time to make it even more useful. Have a look. 

You can also access this page from:-

"Gigs" page navigation bar
"Links" page
"Pub Guide" gig links

We have started issuing a special stamp of approval to pubs serving outstanding gourmet food. Have a look at "Gavin's Gourmet Gannet Guide"