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Fire and Magic Tour of 2010 - 2011

See the special page for all the information
Marlow FM - Tuesday 15th November
2pm – Annie and Elaine

Annie and Elaine chatted with Paul Mansell, from Marlow FM on Tuesday, November 15th from midday til 2pm and sang and played live. They played several brand new songs, including one from Annie, called "How It Is". They performed their entire "beast inside" collection - including new song "Wolves at the Gate", Annie brought in a comedy sketch about "going out" as opposed to just "popping out" (a comedy clip of Micky Flanagan's "Out, Out" joke) and Elaine read her epic poem (called "Eden Force", about a ground force show for God, where Alan, Charlie and Tommy re-create Eden and the children, taken by the Pied Piper are given a purpose - especially the crippled child who was left behind).

We have MP3s of the show below, in case you missed hearing it and want to have a listen!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

                 Elaine - looking forward to chatting!
Paul Mansell - probably wondering what he's let himself in for!

                                                           Andy Fowler helping and Annie - also looking forward to chatting!

Kindred Spirit recommended to Cambridge Folk Festival
Andy Fowler, pictured above, from Marlow FM, has recommended Kindred Spirit to the Cambridge Folk Festival organisers for 2012!

Weyfest - Tilford, near Farnham
Saturday, September 3rd, 1.20pm Village Green Stage

Weyfest 2011 was a fantastic day for Kindred Spirit; lovely sound and stage, wonderful weather and plenty of other great
bands to see. Above is a video of "Beautiful Day" shot and edited by Judith Kelly (with additions from the finger puppet version
of this song, which Judith filmed at Richmond May Fair earlier in the year) and below are a few images of the band performing.

Twickenham Green Fete
Sunday, July 3rd

What lovely weather we had for this afternoon spot! There was also a large, appreciative crowd and we had a really enjoyable gig.

Song-writing Competition - May 29th 2011
(postponed from May 1st - due to pub licensing problem)
This was great fun! We had eight competitors and the results were very close but Alan Dublon won and Lynny B came joint second with myself!

Alan's winning song was on the subject of the political voting habits at the Eurovision Song Contest itself and featured the hook line "Everyone hates the English". We now have  "You Tubes" of the competition songs available to view.

See the
Open Mic page for these, photos from the night and more information.

The Winning Song - by Alan Dublon, "We Can't Possibly Win"

Farnham Maltings Concert
"Fire and Magic" Last Concert of the Tour
Sunday, May 22nd

The Kindred Spirit Band members having a laugh before the concert

The Kindred Spirit Band performed this special, last, joint "Fire and Magic" concert  (so good that members of the
real Moody Blues came to their December one) with Moody Blues tribute band, Blue Onyx, at Farnham Maltings.
Everyone enjoyed the evening and we now have some new Farnham fans!

Fire and Magic Tour of 2010 - 2011
See the special page for all the information

Richmond May Fair
Saturday, May 14th, (Kindred Spirit - 3pm-ish)


Despite the forecast, it didn't rain at this day long event on Richmond Green (and in and around Richmond Parish Church).
Extra acts had been added to the programme - so our 30min spot was delayed and reduced to more like 20mins, which sadly
meant that we had to leave out our brand new, bubbly song, "Beautiful Day"! However, we had a great first gig with new drummer,
David, a brilliant time and were warmly received!
We have already been invited to play again at next year’s Richmond May Fair,
on May 12th too!

At this, first gig with Kindred Spirit – David boldly declared that he was going to wear a different hat to every Kindred Spirit gig;
conjuring up an image of  an Imelda Marcos sized, walk-in wardrobe at his house, filled with hats of every shape and colour!
So – Richmond May Fair – and we have a classic little black number!
Now check out the hat David wore to the Farnham Maltings
concert (news item above).
Wait a minute – its David’s second gig – and isn’t this the same little black hat we saw at Richmond May
Fair! The resolution to wear a different hat to every Kindred Spirit gig didn’t last long! Perhaps his hat wardrobe is smaller than imagined!

Finger puppet version of "Beautiful Day"
We didn't get to perform new song "Beautiful Day" properly at the Richmond or Farnham gigs but we have an unusual, “You Tube” version of it 
(videoed by our friend, and big fan, Judith Kelly in a tea tent at Richmond May Fair) . Judith was keen to hear  the new song - so we
obliged! This version involves really cute little, knitted finger puppets (which had just been purchased at one of the craft stalls)! Have a look and a laugh! (the background noise is a bit loud – but it’s a bit of fun)!



       The Tour - "Fire and Magic" - Tour web page.
        You Tubes from the Leatherhead Theatre Concert can now be heard on the Tour page!
                           Now Finished

May 22nd - Farnham Maltings
We had a great time performing at Farnham Maltings. Great sound and lights and a warm response from the audience!

You tubes from Farnham coming soon


Moody Blues tribute band, “Blue Onyx” (also the UK’s excellent and ONLY one) teamed up with the Kindred Spirit band to perform a series of very special concerts.


February 26th, Fire and Magic Concert, Kenton Theatre
We had a wonderful concert at Henley's beautiful Kenton Theatre with an almost full house! We have had some lovely reviews and feed back too. Have a read of them all...

New fan Barbara Sears writes:
Hi Elaine, Just had to write to say how great Kindred Spirit was last night at the Kenton. We had never heard you before and were blown away with the sound and enthusiasm of the band. It turned out to be a great evening when you came on. Well done and keep it up. Will be watching for more local gigs from you and hope to see you again soon. We can't make 26th March as we are on holiday but wish you well for that gig. Signed up to the email list last night so no doubt will be hearing about future gigs from you. Kindest regards    Barbara Sears P.S. Been enjoying the CD this morning."


 "Dynamic flautists play with attitude" - read the Henley Standard newspaper article

December 4th, Fire and Magic Concert Leatherhead Theatre
Ray Thomas, a founder member of the Moody Blues, and Norda Mullen, the current Moody Blues flute player came to our Leatherhead Theatre Concert in December! The lighting and sound was marvellous and we had a really good crowd of around 200 people, considering the icy conditions.

    Ray commented,
      "Thank you Blue Onyx & Kindred Spirits for a brilliant evening of music. Well done, mates."


St Paul's Church, Brentford - Kindred Spirit Band Concert
Support - Nessles
Saturday, March 26th 8pm
The Kindred Spirit Band had a wonderful concert at this venue. We could have had a larger audience but this is a fairly new music venue - still building up its regular audiences -  and will soon become the "place to be" for live music in Brentford. The feedback we received from the audience on the night was glowing.
Nessles did a great support spot too - singing her wonderful, original songs with her powerful voice!



More information:

Hayes FM - 91.8 - Elaine and Kindred Spirit on the Radio

Saturday 30th April Interview - Eurovision fever comes to Isleworth!
Elaine was interviewed on the Philip Chadha show, on Saturday, 30th April, after 1pm about her Eurovision Song Contest, at her open mic night, Woodlands Tavern, Isleworth, now on May 29th. Philip became curious after reading about the competition in an article in the Hounslow Chronicle. Find out more about the competition on the Open Mic Page.

See the Open Mic Page for competition entry information.

Philip Chadha and Nayha Ahmad
Hayes FM show - Saturdays,1pm-5pm.

Sunday 20th March
Elaine and Phil appeared live on Paul Goodwin's Sunday morning show
on Hayes FM Sunday 20th March, from about 11.15am. They sang three numbers; "Best Days", "Run Red" and "I'll Alway's Love You", which was a tough challenge for Elaine having just had three late finishing St. Patrick's gigs in row up until the night before!

Phil and Elaine performing live

Paul Goodwin

David Rowe - New Drummer

Alan Barwise, our current drummer, is wanting to work as a dep now and we have just recruited the amazing David Rowe!

David has even had classical training -so he knows what he's talking about! Have a look at his biog page to find out more.





I was interviewed, in January, by music journalist, Maria Anthony, who currently works for Musicvita, a music web site, about my band Kindred Spirit and our music. If you are interested to find out more about the site, check out the Musicvita link.

Read the article.

Phil Martin - new Kindred Spirit

We have a new Kindred Spirit member, Phil Martin, starting in January 2011, to take over Gavin's role in the band, since Gavin is having to take a step back from performing.

Phil is a well respected violin, electric violin, viola, acoustic and electric guitar player with a great voice too! He lives for his music and has played (and currently plays) in several other bands - some who've been in the charts!

Phil is a melodic and sensitive improviser. His fun loving, team spirited nature is perfect for Kindred Spirit. He also has a great sense of humour, which you can see from what he says about himself on his biog page.


Surrey Unsigned - December rave up - "Will He Survive"!

David Durant - as you've never seen him before (or again - probably)! This was the way we described him on our "Will He Survive?", Surrey Unsigned night, on Monday, December 13th. The show featured - in David's words - "three feisty females" - myself, Annie and Nessles.
We described how David was in his hot tub with his rubber ducks, wearing his leopard skin mankini and thigh length boots! Its incredible what you can get away with on the radio!
Hear a clip cd1.gif
Nessles described her Australian You Tube trip and what it was like auditioning for Britains Got Talent. She sang the blues song she sang for the audition and both Annie and I jammed along.
Hear a clip cd1.gif
I described our Leatherhead Theatre concert and "Fire and Magic" tour as well as the special concert coming up in Brentford in March.

We all played and sang live and read out the weather report in various different accents!
Hear a clip cd1.gif

David did survive on the night but not sure how he'll survive his new reputation!

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