Open Mic Nights (Woodlands Tavern)

Song-writing Competition - May 29th 2011

The Winning Song - by Alan Dublon, "We Can't Possibly Win"                                                          Elaine's "In the UK"


Graham Turner's "Dada Dada Days of Summer"                                                                                     Steve Hutchinson's "Harry Potter"


LynnyB's "Lalake" (Boys)                                                                                                          Matt Wedgewoods "Veni Venita"


Paul Phillips "Wnat, Need, Say"

Apologies to Roger Harrison but due to technical problems the recording did not do his song justice.

Write a UK song entry for the Eurovision Song Contest!

This was great fun! We had eight competitors and the results were very close but Alan Dublon won and Lynny B came joint second with myself!

Alan's winning song was on the subject of the political voting habits at the Eurovision Song Contest itself and featured the hook line "Everyone hates the English". We now have some "You Tubes" of the competition songs available to view.

Woodlands Open Mic Night Photos

June 26th Open Mic Night

Piers and Elaine




Marc and Dave


May 29th Open Mic Night

Alan Dublon and Matt Wedgewood

LynnyB and her backing singers

Steve Hutchinson and Elaine Samuels

Graham Turner

James English

Roger Harrison

Mike Lawley

Piers Hogg

February 27th 2011

Elaine - solo

Elaine jamming and Dave Irons performing

Iain Mussett playing guitar and Marc Ratcliff singing

Iain Mussett performing solo

 Tom (acoustic bass) and Ashok (12-string guitar + vocs)- from the band Coaster - performing


January 30th 2011

Nessles singing backing vocals for Elaine

John Potter

Terry Silver and Leigh Moth (with Elaine's Chandler built electric guitar) jamming with Elaine

Jon Bental

Nessles performing with Elaine jamming on guitar

Leigh Moth

Terry Silver jamming with his whistle

Some of the "Howdo"

Paul Date (right) with a member of "Howdo" jamming on mandolin

Iain Mussett

John Potter with Terry Silver jamming on mandolin

Terry Silver on guitar (doesn't he play a lot of instruments!)

David (centre) and friends jamming along

The final "mega" jam

December 19th 2010

Elaine with Alan Dublon playing lead guitar

Matt Wedgewood and Alan Dublon

Paul Date


Polly, Beth and Elaine attempting "Fairytale of New York"


Iain Mussett

Marc Ratcliff and Iain Mussett

November 28th 2010

Terry Silver

"The Secret" - Matt Wedgewood, Alan Dublon and Paul Nichols

Paul Nichols jamming with Dave Irons

Derek O'Conner

Iain Mussett - singer song-writer

John - playing some classical guitar

Leigh Moth

Marc - the landlord - singing, Elaine accompanying on guitar

Nick - singer song-writer

Phil Martin and Paul (playing some lead for "The Secret")

Matt Wedgewood - singer song-writer

Richard - playing the keyboards

October 31st 2010

John Potter

Marc (the landlord) and Dave

Leigh Moth

Jon Bental

Dave Irons




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