Open Mic Nights - O'Brien's Brentford


Song-writing Competition at September's Open Mic Night
We had 4 entrants on the night. It would have been 6 but two sadly couldn't get to the competition on the night even though they had written songs! It was really interesting to hear how everyone had incorporated the "rules of the game" line into their songs. We did shoot some video but not sure how well it will come across. I was having problems with the sound system and it was difficult for the competitors because they had never performed these, recently written, songs in public before. Certainly, I felt my performance was shakey! Anyway, although the actual scores were very close, the winner was Alan Dublon, (organiser of the Mulberry Open Mic nights in Twickenham) who wrote a very funny song about a "violent misogynyst" who "shoots first and shags later"! The tune was bouncy and very reminiscent of "Bare Necessities" from the Jungle Book film. The prize money (due as well to a couple of generous extra donations - thank-you Dave and Richard) was £30.

The next song competition will be announced after Christmas

                                                      Alan                                                                                                                                 Elaine


  A jam on Mustang Sally to close the final night at O Brien's with thanks to all those who took part over the last year

    Paul (saxophone), Alan Dublon (centre), Matt Wedgewood (right)

                                               Judith and Surya

       Richard (bass), Paul (sax) and Dave Irons singing and playing Mustang Sally

   The backing singers / players for Mustang Sally

Some You Tubes from the O'Brien's Open Mic Performances

The O'Brien's Anthem, by Nessles


Elaine performing new song 'Kindred Spirit' on Dec 20th with Jimmy on bass.

Nessles and 'One for the Ex' also on 20th Dec


Nessles and 'Joe - You Just Don't Know' on 31st Jan
(with jamming from Jimmy on bass and Elaine on lead guitar)

Run for Home from Ian and Elaine 28th Feb 2010

Trev, Elaine, Jimmy and Terry from open mic night 25th April 2010

Terry's Banjo Masterclass 25th April 2010

Elaine and Richard with I'll Always Love You from 25th April


Other photos from previous Open Mic nights:-

August 29th

Message from Cathy, one of the backing singers opposite:-

We had a great time thanks so much! 
The atmosphere was great, music wonderful and you made 
us feel at home.  I have looked at the gigs and hope to pop 
in one of them soon.  No chance of seeing anything like your 
music in Worthing!
Thanks again and see you sometime!

Above: Everyone singing and playing "Mustang Sally" - Dave on lead vocal and rhythm guitar, John on slide guitar solos and look at all the backing singers on this one!

Dave Irons with Elaine and Dave Viney (organising the music at Brenttford Fest) on backing vocs.

John - playing his beautiful custom built guitar and singing

July 25th

Elaine - solo

Paul - on tamboureen

Nick - solo

Nick jamming with Elaine

June 27th

May 23rd

                  Richard Taylor (bass), Steve Hutchinson (drums) and Elaine

                        Dave Irons (guitar), Richard Taylor (bass) and Elaine

April 25th

                                  Jimi (bass) with Elaine and Trevor (lead vocalist from rock band "Aim")

Carrie Lennard (singer / song-writer / guitarist) and Mandy Mayhew (backing harmonies)

Terry ("leadfingers") Silver

Richard (from rock band "Aim") and Elaine

Elaine with Trevor and Carrie doing backing vocals

February 28th

Elaine with Dave jamming

                Nessles with another new song!

Roger (on banjo) and Jim (on bass)

              Ian with Elaine singing backing vocals

January 31st

Elaine - starting and finishing the evening

Nessles, who sang her "O'Brien's" song

Nick and Britta

December 20th

Elaine singing "Lady Eleanor" with Dave and Ian

Elaine accompanying Catherine


“Nessles1980” – going to support Kindred spirit
Nessles1980 has a clear, lovely voice and performs her own, up tempo songs with a competent guitar style. Find out more about her on her “My Space” site  Nessles1980 is going to be doing some supports for Kindred Spirit in the near future.


Nessles singing with Elaine

Jimmy (on the bass)

November 22nd

Tony singing and playing the spoons, accompanied by Elaine and Jimmy (out of view)

Dave and Ian

Nessles singing one of her own songs

Elaine singing with Dave Irons accompanying

October 25th

Elaine performing with Surya on backing vocals and Jimmy on bass

Dave Irons

Richard and Marion

Jimmy jamming on bass

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