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mmer, Outdoor Events 2007
Our last summer outdoor events were at Weyfest on Saturday, September 1st and Brentford Festival on Sunday, September 2nd. Luckily, the weather held throughout the weekend and we had a couple of great gigs with the whole band.

At Weyfest, we performed, with Sim on electric violin, in the beautiful location of Tilford's Rural Life Centre and enjoyed the festival atmosphere and live music going on throughout the day.

At Brentford festival we performed, with Gavin on electric violin, virtually next to the elevated section of the M4, in Boston Manor park. We were treated to an extended spot following talented, young Lizzie Massey and had a great time listening to "Blue Onyx", the Moody Blues tribute band, later on, with whom we hope to do some joint theatre gigs in 2008. You can see a video clip of us performing "The Web" at Brentford festival on our band MySpace.

Brentford Festival

Annie, Mike, Sim and Elaine on the main stage at "Basingstoke Live"

Mike, Annie, Elaine and Gavin on the Acoustic stage at the 
Ambient Picnic Festival

 Annie, Elaine, Joey and Gavin performing at Kingston Green Fair

, Elaine, Alan, Mike and Gavin at
The weather for our spot at Kingston Green Fair on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May, was pretty cold and damp but luckily we performed in a beautiful, large tent with stage and covered area for audience to shelter in, called the "Mandala Stage"; so it was a very enjoyable 45mins. The stage was powered by a tandem bicycle; it proved a great way to keep warm. We were well received and recommended by the stage organisers for Glastonbury Festival next year. 

Its always great to play outside, when the weather's good! We were really lucky to have a window of opportunity with the showery weather on May 12th at Richmond  May Fair, and played our first gig with new, main drummer, Alan Barwise.


We have been making some live recordings straight from the desk at recent gigs and have a range of new duo audio clips from "Elaine and Annie" as well as "Elaine and Gavin" gigs.

To hear these clips, go to the "Sounds" page via the navigation bar and choose the
"Elaine and Annie" or "Elaine and Gavin" options.


Gavin has been playing his new electric violin, a Yamaha SV-100 Silent, with a Boss ME-50 effects board since December last year.
He has now mastered the controls and effects and wowed his local friends and fans at our Barley Mow gig in Shepperton on Saturday, April 21st.
(Read news article).  

Alan Barwise Plays Drums (May 2007)

We have found an excellent folk/rock drummer in the person of Alan Barwise.  Alan has played most types of music including jazz, rock, folk and blues and has played with many bands including the Sutherland Brothers and Clayson and the Argonauts to name but a few. Alan uses Gretsch drums and Zildjian cymbals as well as a range of percussion.

Alan played his first gig with Kindred Spirit at Richmond May Fair on May 12th. Pictured below, you can see Alan was pleased to be performing at Weyfest on September 1st . Find out more about
Alan in the biogs. section.

The Watchers CD Goes Digital

MP3 tracks for "The Watchers" CD can now be purchased digitally from (a digital retailer for CD Baby)

Elaine Plays Electric Guitar (2007)

To add to the rock effect on some of the band's heavier numbers, Elaine has acquired a Stratocaster custom built by Andrew Scrimshaw, who works at Chandlers, in Kew, and builds unique instruments to commission. To go with this, Elaine has bought a 30W Vox amp, a clever little beast which sounds great. She is having some electric guitar lessons and played the rig for the first time at the Old Bell on March 24th.

Mike Hislop Plays Bass (Jan 2007)

Mike has been playing the bass guitar with us since the beginning of this year and is doing a superb job - with an outgoing style, driving rhythms and even backing vocals! His enthusiasm to play with Kindred Spirit has pushed him quickly to where he is now an excellent team player.

We first met Mike in January 2006, when we played a joint gig with Alistair Mungall's band, "Chaos Theory". We jammed with Mike while we were setting up the PA. You can find out more about
Mike in the "Biogs" section of the web site.

Staines Guardian, April 12th 2007Gavi

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