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Sim and Elaine meet Ian Gillan, 2005
Sim & I met Ian Gillan from the legendary rock band
Deep Purple in March 2005, when he came to have dinner at a pub we were gigging at (the Bull Inn, Bentley, Hampshire). He had been recording at the nearby Jacob's Studio. Both he and his manager were very impressed with us. )They were so impressed in fact, that they invited us to lay down some tracks on the DVD they were in the area recording straight after the gig. Once Sim had put his electric violin part to "Smoke On The Water" and another cajun style track down (complete with being filmed), Ian Gillan said of him,
"I've been in this business for forty years and I've heard everything but tonight I've heard something completely new."
and Ian's manager, Michael Lee Jackson said,
"Wait 'til the other guitarists hear this - they're going to want to cut their fingers off."
This DVD, called
"Gillan's Inn" is a retrospective, celebrating Ian's forty years in the business. We were told the final DVD would be interactive - so that the user could select the solo they wanted for any particular track from a list of around thirty famous guitarists, who had been asked to record special solos - see a recent interview with Ian Gillan
, where he confirms Sim will be on the album to come out in early 2006. .

Sim violin best

Sim playing his excellent "Starfish Design" electric violin

Song Craft Articles 2005
I have written a six part series about the craft of song writing for "Music Maker" magazine which may be turned into a book and which will be supported by extra examples & guidance from a special Song Craft section of my web site.

Summer Outdoor Stages 2005

"Live In The Square", Alton
On May 29th Sim & I performed on a stage (made from a lorry), with a host of other live acts in Alton market square.

Farnham Free Festival

Sim & I performed at this year's Farnham Free Festival,
at The Fox on June 19th.

Grayshott Jamboree

The band performed at the
Grayshott Jamboree on June 25th. Attractions included a carnival procession, fairground & stalls, BBQ, bar and hog roast as well as the live music stage.

Farnham Carnival 
The band dashed over from Grayshott to perform at the
Farnham Carnival, which was a real treat.

Shorne Country Park
This was probably our last outdoor summer festival appearance for 2005. It was a great afternoon & evening, though it became a little chilly later on. Sim and I performed to hundreds of enthusiastic people in the beautiful setting of the park along with other acts including Brendan Power (who performed with Riverdance) and his group.

eDoghouse Album, 2005
Back in February 2005 the band recorded nine tracks in the "Doghouse Studio" to give us a really good quality publicity pack to get festival and concert gigs. The recordings were so good, and especially since it was the first time we had recorded "Devil Went Down To Georgia", that everybody wanted one; so we have released the recordings on an album called "In The Doghouse". We are selling this album for only 10 as it has less tracks than usual. You can hear clips of it from either the link, the Album page or choosing the "Pub" or "Festival", "Band Line-up" pages via the "Sounds" page.

Central Studio, November 2005
Central Studio, at Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke is the best small scale theatre and music venue in the region! It is friendly & comfortable with a spacious bar and foyer as well as comfortable seating in an air conditioned theatre. They also have excellent sound and lighting facilities. The full "Kindred Spirit" band performed here on Friday 25th November 2005 with support from excellent singer / songwriter Nina McCann.
Rather than me going on about what a great night we had, I thought I'd share this email I received straight after the gig from Martin Harold:

"Hi Elaine, just had to drop you a line. Just come back from your Gig at Central Studios, Basingstoke and was knocked out, just Brilliant. I had never heard of you till I saw a flyer in Central Studios some time ago and thought you sounded interesting......slight understatement.....It was the best Gig I have been to in a while and I go to a lot. You remind me of Blackmores Night with a bit of Curved Air thrown in. Great songs (Ace songwriter) Brilliant Musicians. Sim, where has he been all this time, I was never too keen on Violins...till now, he was amazing, change my mind completely on the instrument, sort of Jimi Hendrix of the Violin. Some great work from Annie as well, loved the Sax and Flute, Rhythm team were spot on as well.  I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed it and was amazed when I walked outside after buying 3 albums to find it was 20 past eleven... Thanks to all of you for signing all 3 albums and thanks for the discount. Please come back soon, shame you have to do so many Pub gigs, not good for you or people trying to listen, you deserve MUCH better. Please let the others know how well the group went down. Good luck in the future, hope to see you again soon, hopefully at a music venue,
Thanks again,


We had two Basingstoke features about the Central Studio concert
(click on the article images below to enlarge and read)


Basingstoke Gazette Feature


Big Fa t GuideFeature


Songwriter Festival 20050
13 year old sensation, Lizzie M, performing
in the evening concert in 2005

cd1.gifLizzie singing "Committed"
cd1.gifLizzie singing "Only Happen To Me"

Girls With Guitars UK

I have decided to take a step back from "Girls With Guitars UK" to concentrate on "Kindred Spirit" projects, though I will sometimes appear as a guest at shows.


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