Elaine Clubs Solo


Elaine began her singing / song writing and performing career as a solo artist back in the early '90s and still enjoys performing solo.

As a solo act, Elaine has supported Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby, Roy Bailey, the Albion Band, Isaac Guillory, and many more. She has performed at folk clubs and festivals throughout the UK too including Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival, Cleckheaton Festival, Faversham Folk Club and Orpington Folk Club, to name a small few. 

As well as having given plenty of interviews on the radio, Elaine has also performed on television a number of times. She performed live on Wire TV at the Bentalls Centre in Kingston, came second on a televised talent contest called "Live at The Y" at Leicester's Y Theatre (she was the only solo act out of a show where the other performers were all rock bands). She was also filmed for HTV, as part of an environmental series, on top of Glastonbury Tor, where she sang one of her own songs, "Blue Skies". Find out more...






May 22nd 2016 - Merton Abbey Mills

Here are some videos of Elaine performing at a lovely, sunny showcase event




March 29th 2015

Here are some videos of Elaine performing at a festival concert in Ealing on a VERY windy day! The "Kindred Spirit" clip is not complete due to the rain getting in the way of the camera!

"Life Is A Circus" (Elaine's song from April 2015 album "Phoenix Rising")


"Kindred Spirit" (Elaine's song from April 2015 album "Phoenix Rising")


Audio Clips

The audio clips below are numbers which Elaine would be likely to perform at a folk & blues club.
To get an idea of her solo pub material, listen to the video clips and duo pub material.


High Flying Bird (by Billy Ed Wheeler)


Blue Skies - one of Elaine's songs (and the one which was featured on HTV)


Them Mean Old Bed Bug Blues (an old Bessie Smith blues number)


Tomorrows Child (by Gerry Power)


Sail Away - Elaine's escapism song


Vincent - By DonMcLean