“Kindred Spirit” Duo featuring Elaine with Sim Jones

In this line up, we have Elaine Samuels’ "haunting and beautiful" vocals and expert acoustic guitar playing combined with Sim Jones' simply incredible electric violinand electric guitar playing.
Elaine has been featured on TV, radio and at some major festivals like Glastonbury and Guildford, while Sim has been featured with Ian Gillan from Deep Purple at the Royal Albert Hall because of his awesome rock electric violin playing. 
They perform an entertaining and powerful live set; classics like Pink Floyd & Eagles, more recent songs like the Corrs, Robbie Williams, and Scissor Sisters, plus electrifying celtic jigs and reels, a great version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and their own original greats !

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Please note that the following MP3 samples were recorded live. They are up to 3MB


I'll Always Love You (Electric Violin)


One of Us (Electric Guitar)