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    Sunday, September 6th, midday - 6pm


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  Latest Music News - August 2015
About new artist and fringe events


  Line-Up On Stages 2015


  Music Map (larger version)


  BUSking Bus


  Music Merchandise Stall


  About the Festival and the Music







                                My own band "Kindred Spirit" performing at Brentford Festival in 2008


Latest Brentford Festival Music News 2015


New Artist:
One of the acoustic acts has had to drop out and been replaced by the fab "suburban housewife blues lady", Judith Arkell.
See the Acoustic Stage line up.

Fringe Events:

Saturday 5th September
We have a fringe event for you to go to the night before (Saturday 5th September) with Great West Groove at the Brewery Tap, Brentford.


Sunday evening 6th September - Open Mic in Twickenham
If  you still have some energy after Brentford Festival and want to perform or listen to live music, get along to the lovely Stokes and Moncreiff Pub, Richmond Rd., Twickenham, where Alan Dublon, who was hosting the Busking Bus between 3 and 4pm, will be hosting the "A&E Open Mic". Before you worry about there being any accidents and emergencies involved, "A&E" stands for "Alan and Elaine"! TheOpen Mic starts between 7pm and 7.30pm. Find out more about the
A&E Open Mic Nights here


The artiste line-up for this year has now been settled and the names and information about them is now up. Take a look!



The May 31st deadline to apply has passed and the performer applications are being processed.




The "BUSking Bus" comes to the festival again!

There is going to be a "BUSking Bus" again this year for visiting musicians to congregate by and perform in or beside,
if the weather is fine!

Open 12.30pm - 5.30pm   -   How to play on the day

There will be "Bus(k) Conductors" hosting the BUSking Bus from 12.30pm. We have Surya Cooper, Martin Dyson, Alan Dublon and Rory Gilbert (see more about them below). They will play a feature set of at least 15mins and then as many people as possible, who want to play, will get a turn. There will be at least a Roland Street Cube for the main player to play through. Others at the bus can sing / play along if its OK with the person in the "driving" seat!

At 4pm, Ivor Game is playing a special 30min feature spot for us. is a London based operator of the most famous red bus - the Routemaster, with its classic front engined design.

The Routemasters were originally introduced in 1956, and survived 50 years on the streets of London, finally being withdrawn from mainstream service in 2005. Click on either bus below to find out more about "Redroutemaster", where the Brentford Festival buses are being supplied from!






               Ivor is playing a special 30min feature spot!













The Artistes

At this year's Brentford Festival, the live music is an exciting and eclectic mix of country, cajun , old timey, blues, rock, jazz and punk / pop as well as some fantastic singer / songwriters. We have some young emerging artistes amongst the 2015 line up. See if you can spot who they are?

Click on the names below (which are in alphabetical order) to find out more about the artistes.


Main Stage


Acoustic Stage


Music Merchandise Stall

There will be a merchandising area close to the two stages where you will be able to get information about and buy CDs and other merchandise from the performing artistes, where these are available for sale.









Metro Blues Collective

Perfect Purple

Polar 4

Stolen Car






aPopLexy (duo)

The Blue Amen (duo)

Dr Slideshow (duo)

Judith Arkell (duo)

Mandolin Jack (solo)

Mark Sharp

aPopLexy (midday, acoustic stage)

aPopLexy are a South London - based collective drawn from various London local gig and open mic circuits who play a fusion of indie rock, electronica, soul and jazz. They came together over the course of 2014 around a nucleus of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Lexy - up till then a solo artist and sometime pianist/bassist in a number of South London bands, as well as working as an actress and DJ - and drummer/percussionist/nightclub turntablist Big Rog, a veteran of many blues/rock bands and jazz ensembles (including 1960s psychedelic combo Rupert's People), all while holding down a simultaneous career in sidecar racing!








The Blue Amen (16:00, acoustic stage)

Originally writing and performing together in the 1980s Chris Thow (voice) and Mike Perry (Piano) recently reunited to create The Blue Amen. This new project featuring Chris's powerful, emotive vocals (and commanding stage presence), complimented by Mike's richly textured piano comprises an eclectic repertoire; including classic blues, soul and jazz as well as selected original material. Mike and Chris have been joined by John Gardonyi (drums) and Stefano Galarraga (double bass). The Blue Amen has been described as "pop meets the blues with a hint of the darker side of musical theatre".









Dr Slideshow (17:00, acoustic stage)

A super duo with Steve Van-Deller from "Mad Stick Dog" playing various stringed instruments including mandolin, puerto-rican cuatro, tenor banjo, tiple, tenor guitar and sometimes even plain ol' guitar! He is accompanied by Stephen Beaver, who plays percussion of all sorts, cajon, bongos, scrub board, djembe, shakers, whistles etc etc and all types of harmonicas -  blues, chromatic, bass and chord. They perform an entertaining mixture of original material and covers ranging from jugband blues to movie theme tunes to exotic instrumentals to cowboy songs and unlikely pop covers!


Main web site







Eveningland   (12:25, main stage)

Welcome to Eveningland, where the music comes thick and fast, ever changing, like day into night, where the oddest bar-room band you ever heard plays in a shadowed corner, belting out Irish stomps, or psychedelic folk, country blues or weird fuzzy rock. You might hear trumpets, violin and even autoharp along the way, and the players will be Piñero, Pebble and Raggy Omar. Welcome to Eveningland.


Links / Info:

Facebook Page







Judith Arkell   (13:00, acoustic stage)

Judith was born and raised in the USA but has lived locally for several decades now. She writes superb, gritty blues songs for the suburban housewife, calling her music the "Suburban Housewife Blues". She has a great fingerpicking, blues guitar style and a raunchy american voice, which is a perfect vehicle for her original blues songs!







Main Website





Mandolin Jack   (15:00, acoustic stage)

Mandolin Jack is a songwriter and musician from London. His style is a distillation of a lifetime’s love of roots music, including Americana, folk, country, bluegrass and blues.

“Lonesome Road - a cracking EP which I urge you to go and get hold of  …. damn good stuff!”
          The Mike Harding Folk Show 
(October 2014)

“When you thinkof a mandolin picker in London and need ' that sound ' you start the top of your list with Mandolin Jack....he has played with many many bands, I met him first with The Good Intentions many years ago...” 
          House of Mercy Radio (June 2014)

“Mandolin Jack blew our socks off last night. Love these nights !”           The Sound Lounge (May 2015)


Main Website







Manoeuvre   (17:25, main stage)

Manoeuvre are a four piece rock band originating in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Combining the creative prowess of Oliver Robinson (lead vocals and guitar) Charlie Tipler (bass guitar), Kane Taylor (lead guitar) and Liam Avery (drums), they began rehearsing as a group in the autumn of 2014. Manoeuvre’s inspiration stems from early noughties rock bands such as Kings of Leon and Incubus, applying warm rhythmic chord sequences over melodic and atmospheric leads. After performing at various venues in and around East Sussex, Manoeuvre’s progress gained momentum in the summer of 2015, where they proved themselves to be a lively addition to both acoustic and full band line ups.






Mark Sharp   (14:00, acoustic stage)

Mark will be joined by Michelle on backing vocals and Alan Dublon on lead guitar. Mark says about himself,

"I took up guitar when I was 45, wanted to just learn "House of the Rising Sun" really but started hearing different melodies whenever I played something. Words didn't seem a problem as I've always loved stories and my life has been full of stories. I never wanted to play in public but my ex girlfriend thought I should try it. She's the one I wrote my song "Hell" about! Six years ago I had bowel cancer and was very poorly. It sort of helped me make what I thought, at the time, were going to be short term decisions; so I thought I would have a crack at singing and playing at an open mic.  It was in Chiswick and everyone was lovely but I was terrified and said that I wouldn't do it again. I sort of changed my mind and have kept doing open mics and writing ever since! I have played a charity concert and played at singer songwriter evenings but fancy stretching my legs a bit now. I've just been asked by a scout of the TV program "The Voice" to audition; so I am now doing that on July the 9th and will be doing the audition just before the TV one, lots of practice to do!"








Metro Blues Collective    (13:25, main stage)

This three piece Band (capable of expanding to 6 piece) plays Blues/ Swing Blues/ Funk/ R+B/ Jazz and Rock as well as Reggae covers. For the past nearly 5 years the Metro Blues Collective has been performing in venues that extend from Uxbridge to Central London, Reading, St Albans and Northampton. It's core members are Richie Gast, (Manager/ Producer on Guitar and Vocals), Rob Beninski (Bass, Drums and Keyboard) and Andrew O'Connor (Percussionist and Keyboard). With it's peripheral members on vocals, harmonies/ backing, sax player and specialist lead guitar player, this is a versatile band that is capable of producing subtle melodic material that extends to a 'wall of sound'. It's core is expected to play at Brentfest this year.

Please feel free to visit the Metro Blues Collective Facebook page which has sample links to some of our live work.












Perfect Purple   (15:25, main stage)

Celebrating the music of the wonderful Deep Purple- predominantly [but not limited to] MkII, MkIII, MkII reunion and MkVII line-ups. We don't try to look like them but we pay homage to the music - we are true fans ourselves!

Vocals:  Adolfo Espina
Guitar:   Justin Thomas
Keys:     Graeme Brown
Drums:  Malcolm Clements
Bass:     Chris Godly



Main Website







Polar 4   (14:25, main stage)

POLAR4 are really  the songwriting of Steve Hutchinson, Steve Davies and Peter White (both together and singly). Described by some as "soft rock”, POLAR4 have reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest with their unique blend of strong melodies, heartfelt lyrics and beautiful harmonies. Steve Hutchinson recently released his 5 star-reviewed album ‘SEVEN STEPS BACK’ and will be including the title track in their set. The band are already in pre-production for the long-awaited POLAR4 album!

This is a welcome return to Brentford Festival for POLAR4, having played it several years ago.



Main Website




Stolen Car   (16:25, main stage)

Stolen Car is a West London folk-pop group based around the talents of singer-songwriter Joe Card. You'll find great songs, great musicians and a belief that music still matters. Their spectacular live show has been winning fans all across the country. Don't miss them at Brentford Festival.




Main Website






About Brentford Festival and the Music

Brentford Festival is a non-profit making, family and community event with a primary aim of bringing the local community together and allowing them to discover their local parks and the facilities, groups and activities available to them in their area. It is run by volunteers and musical performances are primarily intended for local performers as a showcase and are currently not paid (so locals applying to perform will have an advantage).



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