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Following the successful April launch concert for Elaine Samuels' new Kindred Spirit album release, "Phoenix Rising", there was a further album launch concert in Hampshire at the beautiful little theatre Central Studio on Saturday 5th September.

On this page you can find out all the latest about it...

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Album Progress and Clips

Track Clips - written by Elaine Samuels except where noted




Kindred Spirit


6m 21s



Life is a Circus


4m 59s



Wolves at the Gate


6m 56s



Lets Be Happy


3m 48s



Its Not Too Late


6m 38s



Horse With No Name


5m 21s



Drunken Landlady


2m 15s



Feed the Fire


5m 18s



Beautiful Day


3m 42s



Let The Music Set You Free


5m 23s



Children of the Stars  


7m 41s



The Phoenix


7m 02s

The Album is Born!

The albums arrived on the doorstep on March 24th. Click here to get your copy.



The Race Is On!

Update - March 23rd

The albums were shipped by the manufacturers today and should arrive either tomorrow or the day after!


Update - March 7th

All the audio mastering was completed on February 27th and the CD artwork was finished last night and a package sent to the manufacturers today! All being well, we should have the albums in our hands in about 2 weeks time! We'll be ready for the launch concert! See the complete album artwork below.

Update - Feb 20th

All the recording and mixing has been completed now. Last week saw Chris Goode (pictured right) come into the studio to record some conga, tambourine, shaky egg and keyboard tracks! The slightly more concept track, "Its Not Too Late" has been carefully stripped back and built up by myself and Jez (our recording engineer and producer) and the keyboard parts (including Gregorian monk chanting and full church organ) conga and various types of bells added. The album artwork is coming along nicely and should be finished in about a week and a half. The last day of mastering is on February 27th and both the audio and artwork should be ready to send off together in about a week and a halfs time (all being well)!



Update - Jan 23rd

Update - Feb 4th

Elaine's overdubs for voice and guitar, on the last 4 tracks, are finished. Catherine's and Gavin's vocals, violin and flute overdubs are being recorded this weekend after which there is only a little hand drumming from Chris Goode to record. By the middle of next week we should be mixing and mastering. Elaine is currently perfecting arrangements for the flute and violin to play over the vocals before the recording of the overdubs this weekend, leaving her clearer next week to continue working on the CD artwork, in conjunction with her son Peter Samuels, who is painting the front, back and inside images - as oil on board (in between working on final year projects for his Marine and Natural History Photography Degree at Falmouth University). Elaine will be concentrating on the text and the imagery for the inside of the 4 page booklet. The final package is going to be a clear, jewel case with pull out booklet. The album pressing license has arrived.

Here are legendary drummer Les Binks and bass player Mike Hislop on the day that the whole band went back to Skyline Studio to lay down the last four tracks for the album on January 11th.
We have now finished the drum and bass tracks and the rest of the band are booked in to record their vocals and instruments on these last four numbers prior to mixing in early February.

The pressing license for the album has been applied for, a manufacturer identified and the CD artwork is underway in earnest!

The race is on to complete the album before the launch gig on April 18th!



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